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Her Heart Health: Important Things Every Woman Should Know

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Her Heart Health: Important Things Every Woman Should Know

Cardiology | by Dr. Sabyasachi Pal | Published on 17/08/2021

Over the past two decades, heart diseases have become very common, and these affect people irrespective of their age or gender. Heart diseases are becoming a growing concern as they happen to be one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. If we talk about women alone, almost 1 out of 3 women is living with some sort of heart problem. Not only this, heart diseases are responsible for one in five female deaths. Various Studies and Research conducted over the years have clearly indicated that there are slight gender-based differences in heart diseases. Experts from the best heart hospital in Kolkata suggest that there are certain heart problems that specifically, or predominantly affect women.  

Though you must have read many blogs and articles related to general heart health, in this blog, we are specifically going to talk about some important facts related to female heart health that every woman out there should know about. 

The symptoms of heart attack and of the same for men and women – Yes, it is true. Women can have a completely different experience when having a heart attack. While chest pain is a common sign experienced by both genders, women may also experience certain atypical symptoms. These include breathlessness, fatigue, and feeling nauseated. As many women don’t know about these symptoms, they tend to take them lightly. It is very important to seek immediate help if you are experiencing symptoms like nausea/vomiting, breathlessness, back pain, dizziness, jaw pain, lower chest discomfort, upper abdominal pain, and severe fatigue. 

Chest pain in women can be a result of microvascular diseases – We usually focus on the functioning of the large blood vessels present in the heart, however, it is pertinent to note that chest pain in women can also be caused by problems in the small blood vessels. Such problems are usually overlooked and these require more detailed evaluation and assessment. Such small blood vessels are commonly referred to as microvasculature. Problems in these can be triggered by underline conditions like hypertension or diabetes. Excessive smoking is also a contributing factor. These small blood vessels are very important for ensuring the proper circulation of blood in the body. If they fail to function efficiently, it can result in a deficiency of oxygenated blood in the body. 

Pregnancy complications can increase the risks of various heart ailments – During pregnancy, a woman can face many complications that can, directly or indirectly, increase susceptibility to various heart diseases. These complications include preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, and preterm delivery. If you have experienced any such problem during your pregnancy, it is important to seek proper medical help and go for regular screenings to ensure the safety and well-being of your heart. 

You can lower your risk of heart diseases – Most heart diseases are a result of unhealthy lifestyle practices and eating habits. The best cardiologist in Kolkata suggests that making healthy changes can significantly help to lower the risks. For this, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep your cholesterol and sugar under control
  • Make healthy dietary modifications
  • Get rid of extra pounds a bodyweight
  • Stay physically active 
  • Keep your blood pressure under check
  • Refrain from smoking

Women are at higher risk of heart diseases post menopause – The estrogen present in our body plays a vital role in protecting our heart against various diseases, as it helps to increase HDL and lower the levels of LDL. As a woman hits menopause, her estrogen levels drop significantly, thereby increasing her vulnerability to various heart diseases. 

Women often tend to ignore the symptoms and take their heart health for granted. It is important to spread awareness and educate yourself and others around you, as your vigilance can save a life. If you wish to know more about your heart health or want to get yourself evaluated, you should definitely consult the experts from the best cardiac hospital in Kolkata.