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What is the link Between Summer and Heart Attacks?

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What is the link Between Summer and Heart Attacks?

Cardiology | by Dr. Dhiman Kahali | Published on 28/04/2022

We all know that we need to take extra care of our hearts during the winter season but did you know that the summers could be harsh for your heart too. Well, not many of us realise this, but extreme heat conditions could have a drastic impact on your heart, making you more vulnerable to serious heart problems including heart attack. When the seasons change, our body takes some time to adjust to the fluctuating temperature and this is the reason why many people have problems like seasonal flu and exposure when the temperature rises or drops. It is important to know that these are not the only side effects and we need to look at the bigger picture. The impact of an extreme rise in temperature can be much worse than we perceive. Luckily, the top heart specialists in Kolkata are there to help you.

The rapid and extreme rise in the temperature can be quite stressful, as it can cause your blood pressure to drop, forcing your heart to beat at a faster pace. There is an added load on the heart as it has to work harder to cool down your body. This wouldn't be as stressful for people with a healthy heart, as for those with an existing heart problem. Experts specializing in heart valve replacement surgery in Kolkata suggest that the latter, be it children, or adults, tend to be at a higher risk of developing a heat stroke.

There is one more problem that we cannot ignore and that's sweating. We tend to sweat when our body overheats and this is very likely to happen in the summer season. However, when we sweat, it not only eliminates water but many essential minerals, which can put a strain on your heart. People who are taking medicines like beta-blockers and diuretics are at additional risk as these medicines also support fluid removal from the body. Not only this, certain medicines pile ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers to alter your body's way of responding to heat. By now, you must have understood that it is not only the heat but also the sweating caused by it that can elevate your risk of a heart attack. Hence, if you think that summers are all about vacations, going to beaches, and eating your favorite food, you need to think twice.

Environmental degradation and global warming have made a significant impact on mercury scales. The temperature is rising and so are the incidences of heart attacks, and this has become a grave concern. We can surely work toward the environmental issues, but it is going to take a long time. Till then, you can side by side try these simple tips to negate the risks of heart attacks in summer, especially if you are in the high-risk group.

Avoid indulging in rigorous physical activities and try to take it easy. Stay active and perform low-intensity exercises, either in the morning or evening, when it is not too hot. Make sure you are making up for the fluids lost due to sweating.

Try to stay indoors during peak hours and plan outdoor trips accordingly. It is better to avoid the sun as much as you can

Try to stay hydrated at all times and when it comes to that nothing beats chilled water. Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol. You can take fresh fruit juice and smoothies but make sure you are not piling up too many calories.

Avoid taking heavy meals and go with small portions of light meals like salads, cold soups, and fruits. Avoid greasy and oily foods.

Keep a track of your heart health by going for a preventive health checkup. This will help to evaluate the risks of any serious heart ailment beforehand, making it possible for you to take the necessary precautions while there is still time. You can consult the experts at the best hospital in Kolkata for unparalleled care and guidance.