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Life after CABG: What your cardiologist wants you to know

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Life after CABG: What your cardiologist wants you to know

Cardiac Surgery | by Dr. Manoj Kumar Daga | Published on 30/11/2021

Any surgical procedure calls for the need for certain Lifestyle changes, some of which made be permanent while others are temporary. CABG or coronary artery bypass graft is a surgical intervention recommended for patients with coronary heart disease. The surgery works by creating a new route for the blood, that bypasses the blocked section of the coronary artery. CABG procedure is offered at all the best cardiac hospitals in Kolkata. All the procedure is highly effective, there are a few things that are to be taken care of once you are discharged from the hospital.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few things that are to be taken care of after CABG, with the help of the best cardiologist in Kolkata.

Soon after the procedure, you will be shifted to the ICU where you will be kept under keen observation till you gain consciousness. From there you will be taken to your room where you will be required to stay for a week or so, depending upon the progress of your recovery. During your stay at the hospital, you will be given intravenous medication and fluids that will aid in your recovery. Before discharge, your medical team will brief you about your medication and meals. It is pertinent to note that different people recover at different rates and the journey is not the same for everyone. In the majority of cases, the patient recovers within 12 weeks of the procedure.

After the procedure, you will be required to take painkillers for a few weeks. Do not stop taking any medication without informing your doctor. This can help you deal with any kind of soreness or pain. It is advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothes that do not press against the want. It is quite natural to feel tired let me takes some weeks to get over that feeling. You will be able to resume most of your daily activities within six weeks of the surgery and almost all of them within 3 months.

While many patients think that they need complete bed rest after CABG, the reality is that indulging in low-intensity exercises can benefit you more. Staying at two helps to enhance the flow of blood in your vessels and strengthens them. No doubt you need to take proper rest for the first week, however, it is important to increase your activity level with time. While you are doing so make sure that you do not put an unnecessary strain on your heart. Avoid taking part and rigorous and high-impact activities as these can put an additional strain on these can put an additional workload on your heart. Only take part in activities that are comfortable and do not involve any rigorous exertion. Try going out for walks or you can even try simple yoga postures.

The food you eat also plays a very important role in your recovery. It is important to take a healthy and nutritious diet that is loaded with all the essential nutrients that are important for healing. Avoid eating spicy food. Strike off fried food items from your list and replace these with fresh fruits and veggies. Consult your doctor to know which foods can benefit your heart and which and cause your problem to aggravate. Healthy eating habits are also important to negate the risks of arterial stenosis in the future. Avoid taking too much salt.

Stay in touch with your doctor and go for regular assessments as this helps to keep track of your prognosis and detect any complications that should be taken into account.