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Heart Bypass Surgery: How serious is this?

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Heart Bypass Surgery: How serious is this?

Cardiac Surgery | by Dr. Manoj Kumar Daga | Published on 02/03/2022

Are you suffering from angina or chest discomfort recently? And your cardiologist has suggested heart bypass surgery for your heart to reduce the risk of developing heart failure or having a heart attack. However, you need to know that heart bypass surgery will not treat the reason behind the condition. Surgeons will create the channel to bypass the blockage for blood and oxygen and to reach your heart. If you want to know what to expect after the surgery, how should you take proper care of your heart, and many more, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we will discuss the same with the best cardiologist in Kolkata.


What to expect after heart bypass surgery?

A healthy blood vessel from another part of your body, such as your leg, chest, or wrist, will be taken first. They'll use surgical equipment to spread your sternum (breastbone) apart, exposing your heart.

The surgeon will place one end of the grafted blood vessel above the blockage in your damaged artery and the other end immediately below, allowing blood to flow via the healthy artery instead of the damaged one.


What will happen after the surgery?

As per our experts practicing in the best cardiac hospital in Kolkata, your medical personnel will shift you to the ICU(Intensive Care Unit) of the hospital. They will monitor your vitals and overall health condition there for a few days. For 3-4 days, you might have to stay in the ICU, though this can vary based on the response of your heart to the treatment, your health condition before the surgery, if you have any complications after the surgery, and many more.


How serious is it to have heart bypass surgery? Should I be worried about it?

You will be given a list of medicines and instructions to help you recuperate from your surgery when you are ready to go home. You'll probably get some new prescriptions, and you could be ordered to stop taking some of your existing ones. This may appear daunting at first, but your nurse will assist you and go over all of the instructions with you.

Every surgery has its own risk and complications including-

  • Chances of developing an infection
  • Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats
  • Too high or low blood pressure
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Swelling in leg

If you are experiencing any of these concerns after the surgery, you should consult your doctor immediately.


How long does this surgery take?

It will take around 4-6 hours. Based on the number of blockages and grafts required, the duration of the surgery may vary.


How long does it take for complete recovery after a heart bypass surgery?

You will most likely return home after leaving the hospital on the 8th or 10th day after surgery. However, if you are really weak or require further assistance, you may be admitted to a rehabilitation facility for a few weeks. There, you can re-establish your strength and ensure that you're ready to resume normal activities.

You can resume your work within the 6th week if you have a desk job. If you have work that demands more physical exertion, wait for a few months before getting back to work.

However, complete recovery may take 3 months or so, based on the patient’s overall health condition.


What should you avoid after having heart bypass surgery?

As suggested by the best heart doctor in Kolkata, you should follow some restrictions after getting your heart bypass surgery.

  • Limit the use of your hands while performing daily activities like dressing, and buttoning up the shirt. And do not lift your arms above your head or behind the neck.
  • Do not perform strenuous exercise.
  • You should not be behind the wheel for at least 3-to 4 weeks after the surgery. This will avoid any unwanted injury to your chest.
  • Do not perform pushing, pulling, or lifting heavy objects for a few weeks after the surgery, as your sternum has not healed yet.

Conclusion- do not hesitate to reach out to your surgeon if something doesn’t feel right. Although complications are rare in this era, you can prevent them by following your doctor’s recommendations. If you believe, you need a second opinion, you can consult with the best cardiologist in Kolkata and can have a speedy recovery.