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Does Your Heart Need Help In Pumping Blood?

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Does Your Heart Need Help In Pumping Blood?

Cardiac Surgery | by Dr. Manoj Kumar Daga | Published on 06/05/2022

Your heart is the size of a fist and is located in the center of your chest, slightly tilted to the left. It is the muscle at the heart of your circulatory system, moving blood throughout your body while your heart beats. This blood transports oxygen and nutrients to all regions of your body while removing waste and carbon dioxide. However, this vital organ may sometimes fail to work properly and can cause various circulatory issues. Here we have discussed LVAD devices that can help your heart in pumping blood with our experts practicing LVAD surgery in Kolkata.

Understanding heart function in brief:

A regular heartbeat indicates that the heart is working normally, and each beating is a representation of the oxygen-reloading process within the heart. Because blood circulates in a single channel throughout the body, any diversion of the blood is avoided by the controlled opening and closing activities of the numerous heart chambers and valves.

Understanding LVAD surgery:

The main pumping chamber of our heart, known as the left atrium, gets damaged in heart failure patients. Furthermore, the LV (left ventricle) is unable to pump blood into the rest of our bodies. As a result, our heart needs mechanical aid from outside to continue beating. During the waiting period for a donor's heart, the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) keeps blood flowing into your heart and throughout your body.

When do you need help pumping blood in your heart?

LVAD can be used as a temporary or permanent therapy option.

  • If you are waiting for a donor's heart, your doctor may propose LVAD for you. And this device(LVAD) will be removed following the heart transplant procedure.
  • To treat severe heart failure, if a transplant is not available or the individual does not match the standards, LVAD may be the greatest option for treatment, and the doctor may refer to it as "destination therapy" in this scenario.
  • If the heart failure is just temporary: A person may benefit from an LVAD only until their heart is strong enough to restore normal function; in this scenario, the device is referred to as a "bridge to recovery."
  • There is a chance that your diseased heart can be repaired. While the injury is healed, LVAD can minimize the burden on your heart.

How does this device work?

This is an electrical device with a mechanical pump.

The pump is installed into the chest or belly and replaces the weak left ventricle.

Blood travels from the left ventricle to the pump through an inflow tube.

The pump directs blood to the aorta through an output tube (the main artery).

Blood flows regularly from the aorta to the rest of the body, supplying oxygen and nutrition to all regions of your body.

Can you consider LVAD as a permanent treatment option?

The use of an LVAD can double the one-year survival rate and enhance the quality of life. This is approved as a long-term (destination therapy) treatment for patients with end-stage cardiac disease who are not candidates for a heart transplant.

What can you expect after LVAD surgery?

As your lungs may not function normally immediately after surgery, you may need to stay under ventilation for a few days until you can breathe on your own.

After a few days in the ICU, you'll most likely be transferred to a regular hospital room. The length of your hospital stay is determined based on your overall health condition before the treatment and how fast you recover afterward.

Do you need to go for cardiac rehabilitation after LVAD surgery?

As suggested by our experts practicing in the best cardiac center in Kolkata, after receiving LVAD, your doctor may advise you to undergo cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation is a tailored exercise and education program that teaches you how to enhance your heart health following heart surgery.

Cardiac rehabilitation assists you in incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into your life, including exercise, a heart-friendly diet, and stress management as well.

If you are experiencing cardiac problems and want a second opinion on your diagnosis, contact us to get assessed by the best heart doctor in Kolkata.