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Can Drinking Chilled Water give You a Heart Attack?

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Can Drinking Chilled Water give You a Heart Attack?

Cardiology | by Dr. Ashok B Malpani | Published on 28/05/2022

As new advancements are being made in the field of science and medicines and new discoveries are being made, people are becoming familiar with various facts that one could have never even thought of. Our primitives could hardly distinguish between diseases, let alone their causes. However, with the passing years, things gradually change. Today we are in an era where we can not only find out what caused a disease, but also the risk factors that may be responsible for it. For instance, your day to day habits and lifestyle choices are major risk factors associated with serious cardiovascular diseases like heart attack. One such habit is drinking chilled water. We have elaborated on the same in this blog with the help of an expert specialising in TAVI surgery in Kolkata. However, before starting let us try to understand what is a heart attack and how it can affect us.

A heart attack does not mean that someone is attacking your heart but rather something is attacking the normal it's normal functioning by restricting the flow of oxygenated blood. One of the most common causes of this is plaques. It is a greasy material made up of unhealthy particles of fat and cholesterol, that tend to accumulate in the arteries over time. As the arteries get blocked by plaque formation, normal blood flow is hindered. In some cases the plaque can rupture, releasing clots that can completely block the blood flow. As this happens, the heart muscles tend to die, resulting in a heart attack. Top TAVI surgeons in Kolkata suggest that the incidence of heart attack has significantly increased in the last few years owing to known reasons. Unhealthy lifestyle practices top the list.

Most of us know that eating oily and greasy food or resorting to a stagnant lifestyle can increase the risks of heart attack, but there are some less-known factors too.

Wondering how drinking chilled water affects your heart? As per the experts from the best hospital in Kolkata drinking cold water can have a drastic impact on the veins and can even elevate the risks of a heart attack. Not only this but drinking cold water has also been associated with increased risks of cancer as it makes it easier for the fat present in the blood to stick to the liver and accumulate there eventually resulting in the growth of a malignant lump. We know that child water is one of the major sources of relief from the scorching heat of Summer, however, if you have existing heart disease or are at a higher risk of the same, you might need to think twice before taking that chilled glass of water.

Let's try to understand it in detail.

Coldwater has many benefits one of which is cooling down your body temperature which can prove to be very helpful if someone is suffering from a fever. However, drinking cold water is considered to be one of the major triggering factors for life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia in patients who already have a heart problem.

It is not only drinking cold water that you should be avoiding but also swimming in such water. One of the favorite activities of most people during the summer season is swimming and the fun is doubled when the water is chilled. Experts suggest that on being a must in cold water our body can have a drastic response which can often give rise to serious problems like heart attacks within seconds. You need to avoid going in cold water if you are sweating and let your body temperature normalize before jumping in. The same holds true for cold showers as well.

One of the most important things that you need to note here is that it is not the water that is harming you, but rather its temperature. So you can keep drinking your 8 glasses daily while making sure the water is not too cold.