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What are the warning signs of an unhealthy heart and few preventive measures to take care of it

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What are the warning signs of an unhealthy heart and few preventive measures to take care of it

Cardiac Sciences | Posted on 04/28/2022 by RBH

Heart disease has become very common these days due to unhealthy habits, sedentary lifestyles, food habits, and much more. Since the heart is one of the most important organs of the body as it is solely responsible for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the entire body, the problem in the heart then affects the entire body. According to various bypass surgery specialists fatty food and a healthy lifestyle smoking, all these things affects the so and transportation of blood as it causes blockage in the arteries and damage to the lungs therefore it is necessary that we adopt healthy habits and eliminate things that pose any kind of risk to the heart.


There are various types of heart disease that affect different parts of the heart or cause a very large number of problems in the body. Some of the heart diseases include:

Warning signs of an unhealthy heart

A buildup of fat takes place or only in our body but in the arteries. People who eat a high cholesterol-rich diet usually have fat or plaque deposited around the arteries. This makes the arteries narrow and puts a lot of pressure on the heart. Due to this heart needs to work harder and pump faster in order to supply blood. This further causes shortness of breath and nausea and can lead up to a heart attack or stroke.

Some of the warning signs of an unhealthy heart include:

  • Chest pain

  • Chest pressure

  • Angina or chest discomfort

  • Numbness

  • Weakness in arms and legs

  • Pain in neck, throat, back, upper abdomen

  • fluttering in the chest

  • dizziness

  • fainting

  • slow heartbeat (bradycardia)

  • fast heartbeat (tachycardia)

  • pale skin or cyanosis

  • swelling in the legs, abdomen

  • swelling in eyes

  • poor weight gain

  • fatigue

  • Fever ( in case of heart infection)

  • dry or persistent cough( in case of heart infection)

  • skin rashes or unusual spots ( in case of heart infection)

Preventive measures to take care of the heart:

  • Preventive measures can help in taking care of almost any kind of disease. With proper diet and exercise, one can maintain healthy blood pressure, a healthy blood sugar level, and keep a healthy heart. There are a lot of diseases that can be treated with surgery from the best heart surgery hospital in Jaipur, proper preventive measures, and making a few modulations in the lifestyle. Similarly, a change in lifestyle can help to improve the condition of heart disease and can also prevent any major heart disease.

  • One should quit smoking as smoke enters the lungs from where it enters the main blood cream where the exchange of gases takes place and through it enters the heart and rest of the body and damages it.

  • 30 minutes or twice a day for at least 20 minutes in order to stay healthy and have optimum blood pressure.

  • One should maintain a healthy weight because of obesity in the prime season of having an unhealthy heart and other chronic diseases as well.

  • One should practice good hygiene.

  • One should try to be happy and stay away from stress as stress is a prime reason for having heart disease.