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CK Birla Hospitals does not ask for any payment for appointment confirmation. Please beware of fake calls asking for such payments and if you receive such a call, please report this to legal authorities or the cyber cell.


Congestive Heart Failure

What is congestive heart failure?

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a cardiac condition that occurs when the heart muscle is unable to pump sufficient blood it requires. In this condition, blood usually backs up and fluid can accumulate in the lungs which causes shortness of breath.  People with CHF experience the issue of flushing out the sodium and water resulting in holding on to the excessive fluid causing swelling.

Congestive heart failure is not an indication that the heart has stopped functioning. It only means that it is functioning less than usual. It happens due to probable causes like blood flows throughout the body and heart at decreased rate and pressure in the heart increases. As a consequence, it becomes difficult for the heart to pump sufficient oxygen and nutrients when it comes to fulfilling the body requirements.

Types of congestive heart failure

There are two types of congestive heart failure which includes:

Congestive heart failure symptoms

Usually, people with CHF condition don’t experience any symptoms. The congestive heart failure symptoms are not very severe, however here are some of the symptoms:

Congestive heart failure causes

There are different causes of congestive heart failure conditions damaging the heart muscles. It includes:

Congestive heart failure diagnosis

First, your doctor will ask about symptoms and clinical history during heart failure diagnosis. The doctor will try understanding any heart conditions if you have had any in the past like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart valve diseases, coronary heart disease, angina, etc. The complete physical evaluation will be done and the doctor will find the signs of heart diseases.

Based on his/her assessment, the doctor will order following tests to identify the severity and causes for precise congestive heart failure diagnosis:

Congestive heart failure treatment

No cure is available up till now for congestive heart failure treatment. However, there are treatment options aiming to relieve the symptoms and slowing down the additional damage. Here are the options that assist in treating the condition to some extent.

Lifestyle changes

The treatment plan for congestive heart failure essentially involves lifestyle changes such as:


The doctor might recommend following congestive heart failure medications to ease out the symptoms;

Surgical procedures

Surgery is recommended in rare cases that involves bypassing blocked arteries or if there is a need for heart valve replacement. Ventricular assist devices are recommended for heart transplantation however; it is the last option after the doctor’s comprehensive assessment.

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What should you avoid if you have congestive heart failure?

If you have a condition of congestive heart failure, make sure to avoid habits like smoking, alcohol, consuming excessive salt, highly processed grains, and processed meats.

Can you live a normal life with congestive heart failure?

Yes, it is easy to live a life with congestive heart failure but it is important to understand and take control of the heart failure symptoms. Get in touch with your doctor as he/she can provide the right instructions and offer a treatment plan suitable for you.

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