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Plan a Visit

There are various important steps for international patients planning to visit India seeking healthcare services. Here is a comprehensive guide that will assist you to organize your trip:

  • Research and choose a hospital: The best way to start is by researching hospitals in India specializing in the clinical procedure or treatment you need. You must consider different factors like accreditation, hospital reputation, success rates, and expertise. 
  • Consultation and medical records: You can contact the chosen hospital for scheduling a consultation with the specific department or healthcare professional. You need to provide your clinical records which include test results, diagnosis, and required documentation. It will assist the medical team in assessing your condition and delivering adequate required treatment. 
  • Visa and travel documents: You need to check the visa needs for traveling to India from your country. Next, you have to apply for a medical visa allowing the patients to stay in the country for clinical treatment. Ensure gathering all the required travel documents which include visa applications, passports, and supporting clinical documents. 
  • Travel arrangements: You need to plan your travel itinerary which includes flights to and from the country. Make sure to book your direct flights to major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. You need to research local transportation options and any required local transportation for appointments and hospital visits.
  • Accommodation: You can arrange accommodation nearest to the hospital for your treatment. Many hospitals in India like Rukmani Birla Hospital can assist patients to arrange for accommodation.
  • Pre-travel health preparations: Before planning your visit to India, make sure to consult your healthcare provider in your country to confirm that you can travel. You can discuss any required vaccinations or medications you may need during your visit. 
  • Follow-up Care: Ensure discussing the post-treatment care and follow-up consultations with your healthcare professional. You need to understand the prescribed recovery period, any required medications, and the process for remote consultations or check-ups after returning home.
  • Enjoy Your Visit: While you are mainly visiting India for medical purposes, try taking some time out to explore India’s beauty and cultural richness. You can initiate your research for tourist attractions, local cuisine, and experiences that might interest you.

We help our International patients with:

  • Providing detailed medical opinions and teleconsultation with our team of doctors before arrival
  • Assistance with Visa Services
  • A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to each patient to take care of all your needs inside the hospital and to assist you with hospital administrative processes
  • International Concierge Desk at the dedicated International lounge will help to arrange for a hotel/ guest house as per your preference
  • Payments options via cash, credit card, or Wire Transfer

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