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Common Ear Problems and Their Treatment

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Common Ear Problems and Their Treatment

ENT- Otolaryngology | by Dr. N V K Mohan | Published on 03/09/2021

Ear problems can be of various kinds such as hearing loss, Tinnitus, infections, and many more but they usually are not associated with long-term distress. Individuals (especially young children) with ear concerns feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. ENT Specialist in Kolkata at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) can help overcome their problems by providing the required diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


If you are suffering from an ear problem, read further, to know about the most common ear problems and how to deal with each one of them.   


Hearing Loss: It can be of three types- Conductive (when there is an issue in conducting soundwaves caused by a problem with the eardrum, the three bones attached to the eardrum, or build-up of wax in the ear canal); Sensorineural (when the inner ear is the problem caused by a loud noise that damages the ear nerves, old age, stroke, head tumor, or a head injury); and Mixed (both sensorineural and conductive). Hearing loss can also be caused by some medications, viral or bacterial infections, or congenital defects in the ear (an inherited condition).


In some cases, it can be treated by clearing ear wax using prescribed chemical ear drops that dissolve it or by pulling it out using surgical instruments by the ENT specialist. Others may require treating the ear infections, use of hearing aids, or rehab therapies while some may need surgery to correct the ear defect.


Ear infections: These cause earaches in most children and adults. It can be of two types- Middle ear infections (Otitis Media) and Outer ear infections (Otitis Externa or Swimmer’s ear) which can be caused by bacteria or viruses.


  • Otitis Media- It occurs behind the eardrum of the individual and is associated with hearing loss, pain, drainage of fluids from inside, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and fever. It can be treated by having painkillers, prescribed antibiotics, or by placing a small tube in the eardrum for draining fluids in case of chronic ear infections. 


  • Otitis Externa- It is an infection that happens in the outer ear canal and is associated with inflammation, redness, pus drainage, muffled or complete hearing loss, a plugged-up feeling of the ear, irritation, and fever. This painful condition is found in swimmers who have too much wetness trapped in their ears. It can be treated by using corticosteroid ear drops (to reduce swelling), antibiotic or antifungal ear drops, painkillers, and by keeping the ear dry.


The best ENT Doctor in Kolkata at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) follows the latest diagnostic approach to treat all types of ear disease and problems and help one achieve disease-free healthy ears.


Ears congestion (ear popping): It is an ear issue wherein the Eustachian tube gets clogged because of sinusitis, the common cold, flu, external irritants like tobacco smoke, or allergies. It is associated with a feeling of pressure in the ear, faint hearing, and pain. The treatment includes the gentle blowing of the nose, using nasal rinse and decongestant, taking antihistamines (for allergies), and antibiotics (for infection), quitting smoking and avoiding the use of a humidifier.


A foreign object in the ear: It is the most common problem in children who are unaware of the object they put in the ears which can get stuck and cause pain, infection, bleeding, fluid discharge, and hearing loss. These tiny objects could be food pieces, mini toys, stones, beads, crayons, insects, or anything that can fit in the ear canal. 


It is advised that the patient seek medical advice from the ENT specialist who is well trained and has special instruments to safely remove the objects.


Tinnitus (ear ringing): It is an ear problem wherein the person hears a ringing, buzzing, roaring, hissing, or clicking inside the head, one, or both ears. The sound with various tones can be distracting or become a disabling situation that can occur or disappear repeatedly or be continuously heard. It can be caused due to nerve end damage, loud noise exposure, tumor, allergy, wax build-up, underlying health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid conditions, neck or head injury, and many more.


ENT specialists can help relieve the symptoms by prescribing medications, retraining therapy, cochlear implants, hearing aids, relaxation methods, use of maskers, and counseling.


Balance disorders: This includes conditions like Meniere’s disease (abnormality in the labyrinth having a fluid build-up) and Acoustic Neuroma (a benign tumor that puts pressure on the hearing and balance nerves of the internal ear). It can be treated by medicines, surgery or radiation, and behavior therapies. 


To know more about the treatment for ear diseases and their treatment contact the best ear doctors at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Top Hospital in Kolkata.