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Sinus Issues During Summer- How Heat And Humidity Affect Your Sinus

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Sinus Issues During Summer- How Heat And Humidity Affect Your Sinus

ENT- Otolaryngology | by Dr. Dhiraj Ranjan Sarkar | Published on 01/05/2022

Every year, in and around the winter months, you start to sneeze and cough. And you’re besieged by sinus problems. However, it’s not only winter, it’s possible to get affected by sinus issues during the summer months too. Hot, humid weather conditions along with sinus infection are more than enough to make you uncomfortable.Sinusitis is definitely linked to a number of factors including weather changes, barometric pressure, and many more. Let’s explore the same in this blog.

Do you ever get the impression that you can predict the weather based on your sinus symptoms? It isn't simply in your head.

When the weather suddenly changes (including temperature and humidity), the nasal membranes can swell, resulting in a runny or stuffy nose.

Changes in barometric pressure can also cause pain and discomfort in people who have sinusitis. This can cause a sudden sinus headache, facial pain, as well as nasal congestion. When these symptoms persist, the sinuses might become irritated and blocked, leading to infection.

While unpredictability in weather patterns can produce rhinitis flare-ups without warning, paying attention to when changes in barometric pressure are likely might help you keep on top of your symptoms.


Understanding - sinus issues in summer:


Sinus infections can occur as a result of a variety of summer-related factors, including:

  • pollen-filled air
  • allergies
  • Upper respiratory viral infections (URIs)
  • infections caused by bacteria

Breathing pollen-laden air might induce the following symptoms in certain people:


-nose itch

-teary eyes

-Congestion in the nose

All of these can lead to sinus problems.


How can we reduce the risk of developing sinusitis?


In this Covid era, the mask has come into play which might prevent sinus issues.

During the pandemic, N95 and surgical face masks were proven to lessen allergic rhinitis symptoms among nurses.

Social isolation and masking can also help to minimize the spread of viral URI(upper respiratory infection), which is another cause of sinus infections.

However, some people may believe that wearing a mask is more difficult during the summer months due to increased temperatures and humidity. Studies have shown wearing masks has proven effective for people suffering from sinusitis, even on summer days.


Seasonal allergies along with sinus issues:


Weather changes and seasonal allergens can be a deadly combination for people who suffer from chronic sinusitis or other sinus health conditions.

When you have sinus symptoms and discomfort, it can be difficult to establish whether the cause is allergies or whether you have a sinus infection. Of course, allergens can also induce sinus issues. Antihistamines can help with allergy-related sinus symptoms, but they are not as effective for non-allergy-related sinus issues.


Treatment options available for sinusitis:

 if the weather and sinus infections are giving you trouble, there are several treatment options you can try.

Sinusitis treatment options include:

  • Antibiotics: This is the standard treatment option for bacterial sinusitis. Bacterial sinusitis is caused by a viral sinus infection and is distinguished by thick green or yellow mucus.


  • Nasal decongestant sprays: These are only useful for a few days – no more than three or four. They shrink enlarged nasal passages, allowing mucus to drain correctly from the sinuses. When used for an extended period of time, they can induce a rebound effect, causing your symptoms to increase.


  • Antihistamines: As antihistamines inhibit the inflammation caused by an allergic reaction, they can alleviate sinusitis symptoms.

Be it weather conditions or any other issues, you can get relief from sinus problems easily. For getting a second opinion, you can consult our experts from the best ENT hospital in Kolkata.