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What is a CABG Procedure and Why is it Required

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What is a CABG Procedure and Why is it Required

Cardiac Sciences | Posted on 04/15/2022 by RBH

A coronary artery bypass graft is basically a surgical procedure that is used to treat a coronary heart disease that becomes fatal for life. And this type of surgery redirects or bypasses the blood around the clogged or blocked artery present in the heart. In this procedure the specialized doctor takes a healthy blood vessel which is usually taken from the leg arm or chest which isn't further connected to the blocked artery in order to make a bypass so that the blood flowing through the artery is able to flow to the heart muscles by creating a new pathway. 

One should not confuse bypass surgery as the cure for coronary heart disease; it is actually a treatment that creates a new pathway to the blood so that it can flow and the blockage does not affect the functioning of the heart. Timely diagnosis of coronary artery disease helps in improving the chances of the patient and it also helps to provide better treatment options therefore it is necessary that one should look out for the symptoms and the warning signs and immediately contact the doctor. Severe chest pain, breathlessness, and fatigue are some of the major symptoms of having a heart problem that might require cabg surgery in Jaipur.

Why CABG Surgery is required?

Blockage in the artery that carries blood to the heart muscles creates a humongous problem that affects the functioning of the heart. The surgery basically helps in overcoming the symptoms of coronary artery disease and helps in maintaining a good quality of life as it helps to inflow oxygen red blood to the heart.

  •     People who suffer from severe chest pain usually have a blockage that obstructs the flow of blood to the heart and in such cases the surgery becomes necessary.
  •     It is done when there is a blockage in the main coronary artery that sends most of the blood to the left ventricle.
  •     When the patient has new blockages and such cases also surgery becomes necessary.
  •     When other medical procedures or medication do not work the arteries are still narrow and the blood flow is not optimum and such cases also the angioplasty surgery in Jaipur
  •     becomes inevitable.
  •     People who have a high fat-rich diet are likely to have plaque or deposited cholesterol in their arteries that with time blocks the artery in such cases surgery is the only option.
  •     Blood clots often block the supply of blood to the heart which can trigger a heart attack or a stroke in such cases also surgery becomes more than necessary.

Risk factors associated with it.

There are several risks associated with each and every surgery or medical procedure while most of the rest can be controlled and are not very fatal. The doctors are able to control these and provide leave to the patient, some of the possible respects include: 

Bleeding is one of the major risks in any kind of surgery as people who have more blood clotting time need special attention during the surgery in order to manage the risk. 

Irregular heart rhythm is one of the very common risks but it is temporary and can be managed with proper medications and care.

Kidney problems are there but they can be treated and controlled.

A stroke or a heart attack during the procedure after the procedure is only possible when there is any kind of complication during the procedure.

Infection is the most common risk in any kind of surgery or medical procedure; usually, it is taken care of and does not cause any kind of medical emergency.