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A Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plan Every Woman Should Know

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A Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plan Every Woman Should Know

Obstetrics and Gynaecology | Posted on 05/02/2023 by Dr. C. P. Dadhich

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. The body of a woman and her soul experiences an amazing transition that she loves. The thought of growing a life inside her is just beyond any explanation and surreal. So, it is important for every female that she should be aware of a healthy pregnancy diet chart. It can be done by consulting a gynaecologist before listening to the advice of friends, relatives of in-laws. 

During pregnancy the bodily requirement of a body changes, skin begins to glow, hormonal fluctuations are there, food cravings, and whatnot. So, even with such changes, it is important that a pregnant female must ensure keeping an eye on her daily diet plan for herself and her little one. In this blog, we will cover everything that’s related to a healthy pregnancy diet chart, so stick to the end. Kindly note that it is for informative purposes only and doesn’t interfere with the consultation of a healthcare professional. 

What is a healthy pregnancy diet?

A healthy pregnancy diet chart is defined as a well-balanced diet for the well-being of a mother and child. It is essential to be followed because whatever the mother consumes during her pregnancy is the primary source of the baby’s nutrition. A well-balanced diet for a mother must contain all the required nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, and all the needed nourishment. This is all required for the baby’s right growth and development. It can be challenging to what should be eaten and what not during pregnancy for a baby’s health. So, if you are wondering what you should eat and avoid, then keep reading below. You will find a detailed comprehensive discussion of this. 

Foods to include during pregnancy

A well-balanced and healthy pregnancy diet chart is a must for a pregnant female. It is essential to ensure that the diet is enriched with nutrients required by the body. The food required doubles up in pregnancy as there are two life growing. Hence, here are some healthy diet options that one must include during pregnancy:

  • Protein

According to experts, it is vital to consume at least 75-100 grams of protein for a pregnant woman. It is one of the most important healthy pregnancy diet charts. It helps in fetal growth and the brain. Blood supply increase and breast growth are also one of its benefits. You can include beans, tofu, soy, legumes, and nuts to ensure daily consumption of protein. 

  • Fruits & vegetables 

A pregnant woman must consume at least five portions of fruits and vegetables recommended daily by health professionals. It benefits in protecting the baby from allergies and allergic symptoms in the baby later in life. 

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in preventing miscarriage and must be taken under the guidance of clinical experts during the initial pregnancy days. One can include food items like broccoli, spinach, butternut squash, etc. 

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for normal immune function. So, it is recommended that pregnant women must consume vitamin C-rich food items. The different sources of vitamin C are broccoli, tomatoes, green peppers, yellow peppers, citrus fruits, etc. It is suggested to consult a doctor about the quantity before consuming vitamin C. 

  • Fats 

According to health experts, not more than 30% of fats mustn’t be consumed during pregnancy. Overconsumption of fats can lead to diabetes, glucose resistance, and glucose overproduction. 

  • Calcium 

Calcium is one of the most essential healthy pregnancy diet charts which must be followed. It is useful in developing the bones and teeth of a baby. The main sources of calcium are yogurt, milk, and cheese. Green leafy vegetables can also be included such as green French beans and broccoli. 

  • Fiber

Again, fiber is an important healthy diet during pregnancy. It helps in proper digestion and averts constipation. A pregnant woman should include plenty of fiber during pregnancy. It helps in eliminating the risk of hemorrhoids. Foods like turnips, sweet potatoes, peas, legumes, etc. must be included during pregnancy. 

  • Zinc 

Zinc also plays an important role in pregnancy. So, when it comes to choosing a healthy diet during pregnancy, one must include zinc. It benefits normal growth, biological functionalities, and cellular integrity. The finest sources of zinc are lentils, wheat gram, tofu, chicken, seeds, and rice. 

  • Folic acid 

Folic acid again is the most essential and healthy diet during pregnancy. It is useful in averting defects of the neural tube. As per healthcare professionals, on a daily basis, women must consume not more than 400 grams of folic acid during and before pregnancy. The best source of folic acid is eggs, sunflower seeds, legumes, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and peanuts. 

  • Iron

Iron is a vital component of hemoglobin and the primary protein in red blood cells. It is important to include iron-rich food items during pregnancy as it carries oxygen throughout the body. Improper amounts of iron can lead to making the mother anemic and miscarriage, low-weight baby, stillbirth, fatigue, and depression probability can increase. Iron-rich food items like poultry, egg yolk, legumes, lean meat, dried fruits, and whole-grain cereals.

So, now that you are aware of a healthy diet during pregnancy to embrace the life in your womb, you must also know the food items that need to be avoided during pregnancy. 

Food to be avoided during pregnancy

There are certain foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. Here is the list:

  • Too much caffeine- It is important to restrict the amount of caffeine consumed during pregnancy. High caffeine can cause low birth weight in the baby and might even cause miscarriage. Not more than 200 grams of caffeine should be consumed daily. 
  • Herbal teas- Very less information is available about herbal tea safety during pregnancy. Hence, it is better to avoid the consumption of herbal teas, otherwise, one must consult the doctor and should consume as per the doctor’s instructions.
  • Uncooked or partially cooked meat- Improperly cooked food like meat or partially cooked food increases the probability of bacterial and viral infection leading to issues like food poisoning. It might cross the placenta and can be risky for the well-being of a baby. 
  • Raw eggs- Uncooked or raw eggs strictly should be ignored as it involves infection of salmonella. 
  • High-calorie food- Foods containing sugar and fats in items like candies, cookies, biscuits, cakes, chips, etc. have very less nutritional value and high-calorie content. Hence, it should be avoided to maintain the proper weight during pregnancy. 
  • Alcohol - It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol during pregnancy as it can cause damage to the development of a baby. 
  • Unwashed fruit or vegetable: During pregnancy, it is essential to wash the fruits and vegetables before eating. It is recommended because the surface or peel of a fruit or vegetable usually is full of dirt with various bacteria, pesticides, and parasites. 
  • Processed junk foods: Eating processed food not only causes weight gain during pregnancy but also gestational diabetes, acidity, and complications leading to long-term health issues for the baby. 


Eating a well-balanced and healthy pregnancy diet chart is very important for the baby’s development. There are a number of food items available filled with nutrients that a pregnant female must consume and they are safe and healthy. If you are pregnant, then make sure to include the healthy pregnancy diet chart discussed above and ensure consulting your gynecologist. Also, it is vital to avoid the list of foods that are elaborated so that the baby's development is not affected. 

If you want to enjoy a healthy and well-nourished pregnancy, then consult Rukmani Birla Hospital, one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in Jaipur. With the assistance of talented and experienced gynecologists, you can obtain the required information about eating food patterns during pregnancy. 



What is the best diet for pregnancy?

The best diet for pregnancy is eating plenty of fruits and vegetables

Which fruit is good in pregnancy?

There are different fruit options available that can be included during pregnancy such as mangoes, grapes, avocados, apples, watermelons, kiwi, and bananas. 

Can I have coconut water during pregnancy?

Yes, coconut water should be consumed during pregnancy as it has a good amount of fluids and electrolytes.