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Conditions That Triggers Asthmatic Attack

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Conditions That Triggers Asthmatic Attack

Pulmonology | Posted on 04/09/2022 by RBH

Asthma is a condition in which the air pathway gets narrow, starts to swell up, and produces extra mucus. This condition makes it difficult for the person to breathe properly and also triggers coughing that does not go away without an inhaler.

Generally, asthma does not cause any major problems but if a person comes in contact with things that triggers an asthmatic attack in that situation it can be fatal or life-threatening in the worst-case scenario. 

Environmental pollution and toxins in the air are one of the primary reasons for asthmatic attacks. Further, people who smoke or are around people who smoke inhale the toxins passively which is actually more dangerous than smoking. There are a lot of studies and the best pulmonologist in Jaipur suggests that infants are born with asthma which is due to the environmental pollution from the smoke that the mother inhales during her pregnancy. Further, people with a genetic history of asthma are also at a greater risk of having it.

Symptoms or warning signs: 

The inability to breathe properly is the primary sign that one might have asthma. Generally, the symptoms vary from person to person and the frequency of asthmatic attacks also depends upon the situation and severity of the disease. Further, heavy exercise or tedious physical work might also have a negative impact on the condition of the person who is suffering from asthma. 

Some of the symptoms might include:

  •     Chest pain
  •     Heaviness in the chest
  •     Breathlessness
  •     Wheezing while exhaling
  •     Constant coughing
  •     Difficulty in breathing
  •     Fatigue
  •     Panic attack
  •     Asthmatic attack
  •     Anxiety
  •     Frequent lung infections
  •     Trouble in sleeping
  •     Dizziness
  •     Pale lips or fingernails in severe cases that require immediate medical help

Conditions that trigger an asthmatic attack: 

There are different trigger points for everybody. People who suffer from asthma can get triggered by a various number of reasons and these triggering moments also depend upon the person to person and the severity of their condition.

Knowing what actually triggers a person is always helpful as one can avoid such triggering agents and situation that increases the risk of having an asthmatic attack. Rukmani Birla Hospital  is  one of the best hospitals that have specialized doctors that have years of experience in asthma treatment.

Some of these triggers include:

Air pollution is one of the most common triggering agents as it consists of toxins, harmful gasses, smoke, car exhaust, factory emissions, etc.

Molds that are present at damped places can trigger an asthmatic attack. Therefore, people who have asthma must distance themselves from such places.

Dust is one of the very common triggering agents for people who have asthma or even have minute breathing problems.

Pets also cause asthmatic attacks as their scent or odor might cause the air pathways to get irritated.

Smoke or tobacco causes great damage to the lungs and irritates the entire nasal passage and also triggers asthma.

Excessive physical work or exercise uses a lot of oxygen and requires heavy pumping of blood since the lung doesn't have that much capacity to hold air this often causes an asthmatic attack.

Strong Chemicals or perfumes also cause an asthmatic attack in some people.