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Treat Your Shoulder Pain Effectively With These Tips

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Treat Your Shoulder Pain Effectively With These Tips

Orthopedics & Joint Replacement | by CMRI | Published on 25/04/2022

Shoulder pain is a common problem that can affect anyone at any age. You probably don’t pay much attention to your shoulder until it hurts. Combing your hair, reaching behind your back to tie a bra, or grasping something overhead might all feel impossible with shoulder aches. As you age, it’s common to experience such pain around your shoulder due to a variety of reasons. As per the best orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, taking proper care at the right time can alleviate the pain. Here we have discussed several ways to take care of your shoulder when to see a doctor for the same, and many more. Keep on reading to learn more.

What are the various causes of shoulder pain?

There are multiple factors and conditions that can cause shoulder pain. The pain can be excruciating or gnawing in nature. As suggested by an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, the most common cause is rotator cuff tendinitis in which the muscles and the tendons that help in moving shoulder joints get affected.

Other causes may include-

  • Dislocation of the shoulder- this can happen due to any sports injury. Displacement of the upper arm bone(humerus) from the shoulder blade socket.
  • Broken arm- due to fracture of any arm bone(humerus, radius, ulna)
  • Tendon rupture- tendon gets separated(partly/whole) from the tissue to which it’s attached.
  • Impingement- connective tissue or soft tissue gets rubbed or impinged below the shoulder blade.
  • Frozen shoulder- causes pain, stiffness, and loss of ROM(range of motion) affecting the shoulder joint.
  • Arthritis- inflammation due to infection in the joint tissue or fluid.
  • Bursitis- Inflammation of the bursa( fluid-filled sac ) at the joint.
  • Tendonitis- due to inflammation of the tendon.

When to seek medical care for shoulder pain?


You might neglect the shoulder pain at first, but you should seek medical attention if it's troubling you a lot. You can consult our orthopedic doctors if-

  • You can't carry anything light to moderately weighted objects or rotate your arms correctly.
  • Injury-induced joint deformity.
  • Shoulder discomfort that happens when sleeping or while relaxing.
  • Shoulder soreness that lasts more than a few days.
  • Bruising around your arm or shoulder joint.
  • Any indication of an illness, such as skin redness, fever, or warmth.

How to relieve shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be treated with home remedies, medications, or even with the help of surgery. However, before trying anything on your own, you should consult your doctor.

  • Heat therapy- Warm up your shoulder before beginning your workouts. The easiest method to accomplish this is to take a 10 to 15-minute warm shower or bath. A wet heating pad or a damp towel heated in the microwave can also be used, but it may not be as effective.


  • Pain relievers-NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines) – over-the-counter pain painkillers — can help regulate swelling and alleviate discomfort. Take the drug approximately an hour before bedtime for sleep relief.

It's usually a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting any new drugs. You should also avoid using NSAIDs on a regular basis.

  • Cold compression- Cold compresses can help minimize shoulder edema. Cooling helps to numb the severe pain. Use an ice pack for up to 20 minutes, five times a day. Wrap a soft cloth around the cold pack, if possible. Do not place an ice cube directly on your skin.


  • Correct sleeping posture- Slip a cushion or folded blanket beneath your arm if you sleep on your back to protect your elbow from falling to the bed. That small incline is enough to strain your shoulder.


  • If you’re a side sleeper, then build a wall with a soft pillow or blanket in front of you and keep your arm on that puffy rest. And if you sleep on your belly, stop lying in this posture. The posture usually places your arm and shoulder in an uncomfortable position, which can aggravate the pain.


  • Muscle relaxants- If you experience muscular tension or spasms around the shoulder joint, muscle relaxants may assist relieve your pain. But you will need a prescription from your doctor for the same.

If you or someone you know is suffering from shoulder pain and wants a second opinion for the same, you can consult our experts offering shoulder pain treatment in Kolkata.