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Hip Fracture

What is a hip fracture?

Hip fracture is an orthopedic condition in which an individual experiences the breaking of the upper part thighbone. It is more common the people who are older and are experiencing problems of osteoporosis. The injury takes place due to falling or from a car accident often. Elderly people come across this problem more because of aging and weakness in the bone that becomes brittle with growing age.

Hip fractures lead to causing serious pain and need surgery as well on an immediate basis. Some people may require complete hip replacement surgery. However, the best treatment for the condition is physical therapy as it has the efficiency of improving the outlook for individuals with hip fractures.

What are the hip fracture symptoms?

The hip fracture symptoms can be seen suddenly, however; some people may notice the growth of the problem gradually. It is important to become aware of the symptoms so that the right treatment is considered before it’s too late. So, here are the hip fracture symptoms:

  • An individual who is suffering from a hip fracture wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning or easily experience falling off and also problems while trying to walk.
  • It becomes difficult to bear the serious pain in the hip.
  • It would be complex for the person to put complete body weight pressure on the leg specifically on the side of the hip injury.
  • There can be noticeable signs of swelling and bruising across the hip area.
  • The person will suffer from the problem of a shorter leg on the hip injury side.
  • Many other physical changes can be noticed such as positioning, twisting, and rotating.

What are the hip fractures causes?

When conversing about the hip fracture causes, it is found that often the problem takes place because of car accidents, falls, or any sort of crash. It is also seen that athletes and sports individuals usually experience the problem of hip fractures too repeatedly.

On the other hand, elder people can experience the problem of minor falling, twisting, pivoting, or any injury suddenly. Individuals having the condition osteoporosis can cause breakage while indulging themselves in daily activities like when trying to walk or standing up from a chair.

Hip fracture diagnosis

The hip fracture diagnosis is initiated by the orthopaedic doctor and he will begin with evaluating the area. The doctor will try to understand the current accidents or any recent falling off an individual has experienced. He/she will also try to assess the nerve damage or neuropathy.

Hence, the doctor will touch your foot and leg so that it is understood whether the patient is feeling any sensations or not.

For appropriate hip fracture diagnosis and checking the soft tissue damage, the doctor will recommend some imaging tests which include:

  • First, the doctor will order an X-ray so that the bone pictures are produced to gain a better understanding of the problem.
  • Secondly, there will be magnetic resource imaging tests or MRI as it will help in creating the bones and soft tissues picture. It involves the usage of a high-powered magnet.
  • Lastly, there will be a CT scan as it will permit your doctor to have a look at the detailed damaged area pictures. It involves the use of a computer and various X-rays.

Hip fracture treatment

The hip fracture treatment entirely relies on age, complete health, and the injury type. It is observed that most hip injuries need surgery within a short time like a day or two. However, some individuals don’t require surgery as they are healthy depending on their age and considering other health conditions.

Different hip fracture treatment options are available which include:

  • One of the treatment options is surgery. It is seen that usually, every hip fracture has to go through surgical repair. Various techniques for hip surgery are available these days. The doctor involves the use of metal screws, plates, and nails for securing the bones and ensuring that everything is in place.
  • Hip replacement is the most used treatment depending on the injury type. Some people might require partial replacement and some may need total hip replacement surgery. Your doctor will suggest a recovery in rehabilitation services once the hip replacement is completed.
  • Physical therapy is another recommended hip fracture treatment as it benefits in regaining movement, strength, and flexibility. Once the hip replacement surgery is done, the doctor will recommend some exercises so that the motion range is improved essentially.
  • Lastly, there will be a recommendation for some over-the-counter drugs as it benefits in managing pain and reducing inflammation. After the hip fracture surgery, there will be a recommendation for certain antibiotics so that the infection risk is mitigated.

Hip fracture prevention

Certain recommendations are there that will help with hip fracture prevention and it includes:

  • Being active is very important for muscle strength as it benefits in preventing the loss of bones as well. So, get yourself enrolled in activities like swimming, tai chi, etc. to enhance balance and strength.
  • Make sure to eat vitamin D daily and calcium so that bones are strong enough to bear the injuries.
  • Get in touch with your doctor for bone density tests to identify the signs of osteoporosis.
  • Try preventing accidents as much as you can like avoiding throwing rugs, taking care while using stairs and reducing the risk of preventing falls, and learning to maintain balance.
  • Ensure maintaining a healthy weight and avoid alcohol or smoking.

Why should you choose Calcutta Medical Research Institute for hip fractures?

The Calcutta Medical Research Institute is among the exceptional multi-special hospitals that have been in the industry of healthcare for decades. The primary objective of our hospital is to fulfil the patient's requirements and ensure the best health and care. With a highly-skilled and talented team of doctors, we aim to achieve a healthy nation that is free from any severe health diseases.

To emphasize our aim and meet the goals, we have incorporated the best technology that is not only equipped with advanced and latest techniques but also assists in delivering affordable healthcare services.

So, if you are experiencing any hip fractures, you should get in touch with our professional orthopedic doctors. We have a specific department with the integration of every facility that ensures exceptional care to the patients.

We are a NABH-accredited hospital as well. All in all, we are the best solution to your health problems like a hip fracture.


Where do most hip fractures happen?

Hip fractures occur in around two locations that involve the femoral neck and intertrochanteric region. The fraction location helps determine the finest options for the treatment.

How much time does a fractured hip require to heal?

Usually, a hip fracture recovers within the period of four to six weeks but if it has gone through a hip replacement surgery then it might take around three months to completely heal.

What happens if a hip fracture is left untreated?

If you don’t take the treatment for hip fracture on time, then it is probable that there will be a growth of other health conditions. The chances of immobility and imbalance also enhance. So, you must never avoid the treatment and always visit the doctor as soon as possible.

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