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Need of Knee replacement and its procedure

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Need of Knee replacement and its procedure

Orthopedics & Joint Replacement | by CMRI | Published on 20/10/2021

Knee injury is one of the worst types of injuries as it hampers daily activities. Everyday tasks become impossible for a person who suffers from knee pain. A simple task such as standing, walking, driving, going to the bathroom, taking stairs, and performing household chores becomes extremely painful for them.  People suffer from it for years before they realize the necessity of having knee replacement surgery. Generally, people are scared to have knee replacement surgery but with advanced technology, minimally invasive surgical options, and rehabilitation there is no need to worry. Today, hundreds of people go for knee replacement surgery and have resumed their normal life without any pain or problem. The surgery has changed their life for good.


The cause of chronic knee pain and disability varies from person to person. Every individual has a different reason for their knee problem; some suffer due to accidents or injuries, and some due to arthritis or osteoporosis.


Athletes or sportspeople usually get a lot of injuries due to their hyperactive lifestyle and requirement. They suffer from a lot of wear and tear of ligaments and tissues during their games and injuries worsen their knee condition due to which knee replacement surgery becomes inevitable sometimes. But after the surgery and proper rehabilitation, they are able to resume their activities.


Accidents can happen to anyone at any age and few accidents are so terrible that they require several joint replacements and bone reconstruction. People who damage their knee in some accident also require knee replacement surgery in order to resume their mundane activities.


People suffering from Arthritis suffer from a lot of joint pain and are at risk of a knee injury. Normal tasks such as getting up, standing, walking, and taking stairs become a huge struggle and bring a lot of pain. In some cases, the condition of the person becomes so bad that knee replacement surgery is the only option to get relief from their excruciating pain. Also, people over the age of 50 suffering from osteoarthritis feel a lot of wear and tear that causes cartilage loss, in such cases knee replacement surgery is really very helpful.

Rheumatoid arthritis

In this, the knee joint gets inflamed and thickened causing extreme pain, cartilage loss, and stiffness. Surgery in this case really helps the patient to resume their normal life.

The procedure of a Knee replacement surgery:

Knee replacement surgery is also termed knee arthroplasty which is a surgical procedure that requires resurfacing of the bones. The basic steps for a knee replacement surgery include

Preparation of the bone- In this, the cartilage that is damaged is removed from the ends of the tibia and femur.

Positioning of metal implants - After the removal of damaged cartilage and portions of bone, it is replaced with the metal components that recreate the entire surface of the joint. It is meticulously fixed with bones.

Resurfacing the patella - The knee cap is also known as the patella. The undersurface of it is cut and replaced with a plastic button. In many cases, resurfacing the kneecap is not required.

Insertion of a spacer - A plastic spacer is inserted in between the metal component in order to create a smooth gliding surface that restricts friction.

Risk factors

Every surgical procedure has some underlying risk factor associated with them.  Some of the risk factors in knee replacement surgery include

Blood clot in the vein of the leg

Heart attack or a stroke

Nerve damage

Reaction to anesthesia

Infection at the site of surgery

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