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Best childrens asthma doctor explaining childhood asthma

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Best childrens asthma doctor explaining childhood asthma

by CMRI | Published on 03/03/2021

Though asthma mortality rates in India have seen a considerable decline over the years, the numbers still cannot be overlooked. Affecting near about 2 percent of the adult population and 6 percent of children, asthma is an incurable ailment marked by severe breathing difficulty. The condition is caused by the narrowing or swelling of the airways or excessive production of mucus. For some, it might not be a big deal, but for others, it can prove to be life-threatening. As per the experts specializing in asthma treatment in Kolkata, small children and infants are at higher risk of developing asthma. This is due to the fact that their airways are comparatively smaller and also, they are more prone to respiratory infections.


Learning about the symptoms:


Though asthma cannot be treated, the problem can be effectively managed with proper care and guidance which is offered by the best children’s asthma doctors. For this, you need to identify the symptoms, which is only possible with the right awareness and knowledge. It is pertinent to note that the symptoms may vary from one child to another and your little one does not necessarily need to experience all of these.


  • Persistent cough which is not going even after weeks


  • Coughing spells that may be triggered while your child is indulging in physical activity, at night, during cold weather, or at the time of crying or laughing


  • Cough that keeps on aggravating


  • General body weakness and getting tired easily


  • Sleep disturbance owing to breathing difficulty


  • Breathing rapidly


  • Tightness or pain in the chest


  • Making wheezing or whistling sounds while breathing


  • Retractions in the chest


  • Tightness in the neck


  • Trouble eating or swallowing food


Even if your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, you cannot reach any conclusion by yourself, without getting him/her evaluated. You can find some of the best pulmonologists in Kolkata who can help you with the same.


Watching out for the risk factors:


Although childhood asthma is very common, it is quite difficult to diagnose in most cases. Hence it is very important to watch out for the risk factors, which include the following;


  • Allergies to food, dust, pollen, etc.


  • Exposure to cigarette smoke right after or before birth


  • Being underweight at the time of birth


  • Increased vulnerability to respiratory tract infections


  • Having a family history of asthma


Planning for prevention:


If your child falls in the risk category, it is important to follow all the preventive measures and keep your little one away from all the triggers. Since you cannot expect little children to do such things on their own, it is your duty, being a parent, to plan things out:


  • Don’t let your child be exposed to dust and other allergens that can trigger asthma. Make them wear a mask and avoid taking them out in public places.


  • Strictly refrain from smoking when your child is around. Second-hand smoke is one of the major risk factors for asthma in children.


  • Encourage your little one to take part in mild to moderate physical activities. This will boost their stamina and help them to overcome fatigue and weakness. It will also help in healthy weight management.


  • Stay in constant touch with your child’s doctor and keep him/her updated about the slightest detail. Maintain transparency and if you have queries, get them answered without any hesitation


  • Take care of your child’s diet. Being overweight can only add to the problem and worsen the symptoms. Help your child to keep his/her weight under control by preparing healthy meals and avoiding junk and fast food. Consult a specialist to know what all foods will benefit your child.