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Yoga poses that can improve breathing

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Yoga poses that can improve breathing

| by CMRI | Published on 20/08/2021

Pranayama is made of two words prana and yama. Prana means breath and Yama means control. So, according to yoga, breath is the energy that controls your life and is the driving force behind it which is why breathing is given so much importance in yoga. As per the experts from the best hospital in Kolkata, breathing exercises in yoga not only strengthen your life energy but also improves your health by making your lungs stronger.

Doing yoga asanas while focusing on your breaths effectively helps in not only gaining control of the breathing habits but also increasing the intake of oxygen as sometimes when we exercise we start panting and are unable to take long and deep breaths. But that is not the case in yoga as yoga gives equal importance to breathing as it does to various stances and positions, if not more. Thus yoga asanas when done correctly and while maintaining the flow of breathing increase oxygenation and lung capacity.

The leading pulmonologist in Kolkata suggests that if you practice yoga regularly, it can help to refine your breathing and lengthen the inhalation and exhalation process which in turn improves the lung muscles. They also help treat various respiratory disorders like cough and cold, sinus, asthma etc by strengthening lung muscles.

Following mentioned yoga poses help strengthen chest muscles and also improve breathing:


To perform sukhasana you need to sit cross-legged and hold your left wrist with your right hand behind the back. Inhale while pulling your shoulders back and exhale bending forward while trying to touch your forehead to your left knee. Do this a couple of times and then touch your forehead to your right knee. Practicing this asana daily helps improve blood flow to the lungs and it also helps reduce stress and anxiety both of which are known to affect our breathing.


To perform this asana, lie down on your back and fold your arms underneath your body. Inhale deeply while lifting your head and chest up. Keeping the chest elevated, rest the crown of the head on the ground while arching your back. Maintain the pose as long as you can using your elbows and inhale and exhale deeply throughout. This Asana is also known as the destroyer of all illnesses and helps in blood circulation and distribution to the whole body. It also strengthens chest muscles and improves breathing.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

To perform this Asana sit straight with your legs stretched out and feet together. Bending your right leg, bring your left foot around the right knee and place the heel of your right foot beside your left hip. Now, place your left hand behind you and your right hand on your left foot while gently twisting the waist, shoulders, and neck to the left. Look over the left side shoulder and fix your gaze at a certain point so that it’s easier for you to hold this position. Continue breathing in and out deeply and gently. Come back to the original starting position slowly. Repeat the same on the other side also and keep alternating. This Asana expands the chest and stretches the chest muscles, increasing the oxygen supply to the lungs and inducing abdominal breathing which is known to enhance lung function.


To perform this pose you need to lie flat on your stomach and keep both hands on either side of your shoulders as you do in a push-up position. Slowly inhale while lifting your body by putting pressure on your palms till your arms are completely straight. Fix your gaze at a certain point on the ceiling or sky and hold this position for half a minute. Breathe deeply when you’re in this position and exhale while returning to the starting position. It strengthens the spine, back muscles, and belly muscles. It also helps stretch the chest, soothes sciatica, and is also known to provide relief from asthmatic symptoms. All these yoga poses are highly recommended by the best lung specialist in Kolkata.