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This Summer Beat Your Brain Fog With Simple Tips

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This Summer Beat Your Brain Fog With Simple Tips

by CMRI | Published on 07/05/2022

Have you ever felt that you can’t concentrate on the work you’re doing when it’s hot and humid outside? Well, then you’re not alone. Studies show that warm sunny lingering days can slow down your brain too. No, it’s not all in your head. Brain fog during summer days is real. Here we have discussed what brain fog is and how you can deal with such problems during summer days. Our expert from the best neurology hospital in Kolkata has helped us with the same.

What is brain fog?

Many research studies show that changes in environmental conditions like extreme heat can affect mental performance. It may also cause cognitive declination and poor brain function leading to brain fog. Many people have brain fog when the temperature rises to uncomfortably high levels, and as summer approaches, it becomes even more of a concern.

Understanding the relationship between high temperature and brain fog?

A lot of experiments are conducted that show loss in mental function has been found in high school pupils as well as office workers and adults. According to a 2018 study, a hot 90°F day can affect educational performance on exams by up to 14 percent and result in a 10.9 percent reduced likelihood of passing a topic.

According to doctors, there is evidence that our brains are subject to external temperature fluctuations.

Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to cool itself sufficiently to maintain a healthy temperature, which can impair cognitive performance. At higher temperatures, the blood-brain barrier begins to break down, allowing undesirable proteins and ions to accumulate in the brain, causing inflammation and interfering with normal functioning. Proteins can also unfold, causing cell death in the brain.

Higher temperatures generate increased perspiration, which is a compensatory technique for maintaining body temperature. If not matched by the proper amount of fluids, it can lead to a state of dehydration which can damage your brain function. We all require adequate fluid to ensure that our bodies work properly.

As suggested by our experts in the best neurology hospital in Kolkata, heat has a deleterious effect on brain efficiency in persons with multiple sclerosis, a neurologic disorder affecting the brain.

How can you deal with brain fog during summer days?

While it can make you worried about how heat can negatively impact our cognitive function and overall brain performance, there are some cooling techniques too that can mitigate the soaring temperature of summer days.

Following are some of these tips that you can adopt in your daily lifestyle to lessen the effects of brain fog.

  • Drinking water and eating meals high in water content, for example, are simple and inexpensive ways to beat the heat on hot days.


  • Hydration has its own good effects on cognitive performance, and drinking water helps boost sweating, which causes In addition to the findings listed above, several journal publications show how buildings with air conditioning systems improve thermal conditions, boosting the performance and cognitive function of students and office workers.


  • Drinking water, utilizing fans, and installing air conditioning are all excellent solutions for the healthy functioning of the body and the brain.


  • Other simple measures to keep the space cold, such as drawing the curtains to minimize direct sunlight, may also be useful.


  • Remember that if you start to feel the symptoms of heat stress or exhaustion, such as brain fog, dizziness, dehydration, or a queasy stomach, you should drink plenty of water and seek out a cooler area to calm down.


  • And, if you have a large exam or work assignment coming up, going to cooler places as often as possible to improve your performance and brain function is also a smart suggestion.

Even after adopting these above-mentioned tips, if you are feeling much discomfort and can’t cope with the brain fog, you can consult our experts practicing in the best neuroscience hospital in Kolkata.