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Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Plastic Surgery

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Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Plastic Surgery

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery | by CMRI | Published on 21/07/2022


Plastic surgeries have recently gained popularity in India and have become a trending topic these days. If you are considering plastic surgery to improve your appearance, understanding the risks and benefits of your desired treatment is necessary. The decision to have plastic surgery should never be made lightly. That’s why we have briefly discussed the possible risks and benefits of plastic surgery. Our expert from the best plastic surgery hospital in Kolkata has helped us with the same.

Tell me about the benefits of plastic surgery:

  • Improved physical health and appearance: Plastic surgery improves physical wellness as well as appearance. Breathing issues can be treated with rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, which also shapes the nose. Similarly, breast reduction surgery can modify your body while alleviating problems associated with bulky breasts like back pain.


  • Increased self-confidence: You feel better when you look good. For most people, improvements in physical appearance automatically increase self-confidence, which means a greater desire to attempt new activities or open up in social circumstances. You may also be willing to wear specific types of clothing or take part in specific activities that you avoided before surgery because you were self-conscious about your look.


  • Positive mental health: Plastic surgery methods can also provide mental health benefits. Some people have less social anxiety following surgery due to the increased self-confidence that they get after surgery. You may feel more in control of your life, more willing to take on new challenges or to take command of your life in a completely new way after surgery.


  • Can keep those extra weights off -  Plastic surgery can help you lose weight. It urges people to take adequate care of their health. People who maintain a healthy weight can minimize their risk of developing certain ailments.


  • More career opportunities: Because of improvements in looks and appearance, a person's professional prospects expand in certain circumstances, particularly where such looks are necessary, like in media, and airline services.

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Disadvantages of plastic surgery:

  • Psychological complications: You must be able to answer a few questions about yourself in order to understand the psychological aspects of plastic surgery. How would you feel, for example, if your plastic surgery made you become a source of gossip among your social circle? What if your partner shows signs of jealousy or insecurity as a result of your new appearance? What if you still feel "ugly" or inadequate after having your "problem" surgically fixed?
    The potential negative psychological and social impacts of plastic surgery are heavily influenced by a patient's pre-operative expectations as well as their mental and emotional state. However, it's important for you to understand that there is no such thing as a "perfect’ look.
    If you have severe negative feelings about your physical appearance, it is strongly recommended that you visit a physician or psychologist about body dysmorphic disorder (those who’re not satisfied with their body) before pursuing a surgical remedy.


  • Infection: It is one of the most prevalent surgical complications. Cellulitis is a problem that can occur after breast surgery in 2 to 4% of people. In some cases, infections are more serious and require intravenous antibiotics.


  • Anesthetic complications: In practice, anesthesia is utilized to make you unaware of the surgical operation. While general anesthesia is given to keep you unconscious, this occasionally results in consequences such as strokes, heart attacks, lung infections, and death. The most common anesthetic problems include confusion, dizziness, and shivering. Anesthesia awareness or becoming conscious during surgery is rare.


  • Bleeding: As bleeding is typical in all surgeries, we can anticipate blood loss as a common consequence. However, irregular bleeding might cause a drop in blood pressure, which can be fatal. Blood loss usually occurs during surgery, but it can also occur internally afterward.


  • Nerve and organ damage: As per the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata, nerve injury is a severe risk that everyone contemplating plastic surgery should be aware of. The symptoms of nerve injury range from sensory nerve deficits (numbness and feeling) to motor nerve impairments (weakness or paralysis of certain muscles).

    Any plastic surgery operation might cause nerve injury. Without treatment, most nerve injuries will heal within six months to a year. In certain cases, a total healing can take two to three years. Itching, shooting pains, or electrical shock sensations may occur as nerve function is restored.

    During liposuction, several perforations are produced, which might be damaging to the essential internal organs. Punctures might develop during the surgery if the surgical probe comes into contact with the internal organs. Additional surgery is required to close these punctures; otherwise, they may become fatal.

You should always discuss with your plastic surgeon the realistic expectations for your treatment as well as any restrictions they suggest for you personally. Our elite group of the best plastic surgeons in Kolkata will help you to find the best treatment plan.

Dr. Kamal Singh Chhajer
Consultant - General Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgeon