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What is Diabetes/sugar?

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders determined by increased levels of high blood sugar over an extended period. This condition occurs when the body loses the efficiency of producing sufficient insulin, a hormone responsible for blood sugar regulation. Insulin plays an important role when it comes to facilitating the glucose update into cells, where it is transformed into energy.

If you suspect symptoms like increased thirst, urge to urinate often, blurred vision, unexplained weight loss, and a wound that doesn’t heal, make sure to book your appointment with one of the best diabetes specialists in Jaipur.

What are the types of Diabetes?

Mainly, there are two types of diabetes such as:

  • Type 1 diabetes: It happens when the immune system starts attacking and destroying the beta-cells that form insulin in the pancreas. Patients with type 1 need regular insulin injections to control their levels of blood sugar.
  • Type 2 diabetes: It is among the most common types and usually develops in the later stage of life. In this type, the body loses the ability to produce sufficient insulin or cells become firm to the insulin effects. 

What causes diabetes /sugar?

The causes of diabetes often depend on its type, but usually, the condition is an outcome of the problems linked to insulin formation. Here are some of the main causes: 

  • Type 1 diabetes: One of the primary causes of this type is an autoimmune reaction in which the immune system begins attacking and harming the beta cells responsible for producing beta cells. The exact of this reaction is unknown, but factors like genetics and environment are identified to be playing a role. 
  • Type 2 diabetes: The main causes of this type are insulin resistance and insufficient insulin production. In this type, body cells become resistant to the cells producing insulin in the pancreas. Also, it occurs when the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin required to control the blood sugar levels. 

Other risk factors are also there that contribute to the development of diabetes as per our top diabetes specialist in Jaipur. Here are some of them:

  • Genetics 
  • Obesity 
  • Age
  • Physical inactivity 
  • Unhealthy diet choices

Where to find the best diabetes doctor in Jaipur?

It's crucial to conduct an in-depth study and consider a few factors when looking for the best diabetes doctor in Jaipur. You can take the following steps to find the most reliable and excellent diabetes hospital in Jaipur:

  • Make sure you start by researching diabetes treatment options and respectable hospitals in Jaipur. 
  • It can be helpful to get referrals from friends, family, doctors, or other relatives.
  • Check to see if the hospital is accredited and has a standing for offering excellent diabetes care.
  • Enumerate the available treatment options at the center. 
  • Think about picking a hospital that treats diabetes patients using a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Make sure to evaluate the center's equipment, infrastructure, and technology.
  • To obtain a better understanding of the medical services offered, look for internet testimonials and reviews about the best diabetes hospital in Jaipur. 

Which is the best hospital/clinic for diabetes treatment in Jaipur?

CK Birla Hospitals in Jaipur is one of the top multispecialty hospitals. The hospital offers excellent specialized care to its patients. The program now includes the most knowledgeable and experienced members of the healthcare team, such as diabetes specialists and other members with specialized training. They are capable of managing complex diabetes cases. The hospital boasts a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure a high success rate, along with the best diabetes specialists in India. 

Why should you choose CK Birla Hospitals in Jaipur for diabetes specialists?

CK Birla Hospitals, Jaipur is among the eminent multi-special hospitals operating in the city for decades. The hospital has integrated the most amazing and experienced doctors including other staff members. We ensure dedicating ourselves to offering exceptional and satisfactory patient care. The primary objective behind the inception of this hospital is to make healthcare services available to everyone at an affordable cost including the finest treatment. So, if you are looking for a diabetes specialist in Jaipur, then get in touch with our most skilled and highly talented healthcare professionals at RBH.