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Steps That Can Help You Keep Your Childs Heart-Healthy

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Steps That Can Help You Keep Your Childs Heart-Healthy

Pediatric Cardiology | by BMB | Published on 15/04/2022

What is that one thing that all parents prioritize over their own health and well-being? The answer is simple - their child's health. Whether it's their education or their health you always want the best for your little one, so when it comes to taking care of their heart, we are sure that all of you want to ace it. Now, it is important to understand that unlike others children are not able to understand what is good for them and what is not, so it is solely up to you how you help them lead a healthy life because of the habits that they build today are going to last a lifetime. With the increasing incidence of heart problems in children, it has become extremely important to take extra precautions and take charge of your little one's heart health. So let's start today with these tips, as listed by experts from the best paediatric cardiology hospital in Kolkata.


Encourage them to stay active - Childhood obesity has become a growing concern globally. One of the major reasons behind this happens to be the inactive lifestyle that most children tend to follow nowadays. A few decades back there was no such problem amongst children as they used to spend most of the day outdoors playing in the fields and yards. However, as we have progressed, many children their life has been restricted to the four walls of the home. The outdoor games that we used to play once have become a thing of the past. However, these were not just games but a means for us to stay active and maybe this is the reason why heart diseases were next to negligible in kids of that time. If you wish to healthify your child's heart, the best that you can do is to encourage them to go out and play. Whether they ride a cycle or go swimming, all these activities help to keep their hearts healthy.


Give them a positive environment - Life has become quite stressful nowadays and this holds true not only for adults but also for kids. You must be wondering what is there for a child to be stressed about. The top heart specialist in Kolkata suggests that there are a lot of factors that can be contributing to a child's stress, from breaking up with their best friends to not getting good grades, and much more. We all know the harmful impact of stress on the heart and as important as it is for an adult to lead a stress-free life, it is equally important for a child as well. Unfortunately, they cannot do it on their own and need your help. It is important for you to ensure a positive environment for your child to grow, which is full of encouragement and motivation. Don't pressurize your child to get good marks, rather try to find out where they are lacking behind. Talk to them about your friends and how things are going with them. Instead of being their parents, try to be their friends once in a while.


Limit your child's screen time - Nowadays, you will see a lot of parents bragging about how their children can use cell phones and laptops without any help or turn on the TV and change the channels by themselves. Indeed, no one would have ever imagined small children doing such stuff a few decades back. First of all, there were no cell phones and laptops at that time and secondly, children hardly had any time to watch the television, because they were always busy playing. But things are very different nowadays. Children spend most of their time sitting in front of a television or laptop screen and surfing the internet. This has promoted a sedentary lifestyle that is a contributing factor in childhood obesity. Undoubtedly, the internet is a necessity these days, especially due to the school-from-home scenario. However, it is imperative that you limit your child's screen time making sure that they are not inactive all day long. Don't let your child use the phone unnecessarily, unless and until it the something related to their studies.

Following the three steps will definitely help you to keep your child's heart healthy. If you wish you know more consult the best cardiologist in Kolkata for unparalleled assistance and guidance. Also, while taking care of your child's health don't forget your own heart health, because these steps apply to you too.