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Who is a Dentist?

Dentists are healthcare professionals who prevent, diagnose, and treat problems related to oral health. They are extensively highly skilled and experienced professionals. They ensure working with patients who are suffering from oral-related problems such as teeth, gums, and mouth. Dentists are an integral segment of the healthcare system as oral health indicates the wellness of overall health. 

Bad oral health causes several health issues such as respiratory infections, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Hence, dentists have a vital role to play to ensure good oral health and avert health problems. Dentists also work with other healthcare experts like general doctors and dental hygienists to make sure that comprehensive care is offered to the patient. 

What Does a Dentist Do?

Doctors involve the use of the latest and modern technology including advanced equipment such as drills, lasers, brushes, scalpels, and other clinical tools to perform dental procedures. They can offer treatment for a wide range of oral conditions that affect jaws, gums, teeth, and other areas around the mouth. The treatment they offer is preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and emergency dental care. 

  • Preventive dentistry- Dentists in this dentistry help protect the teeth and gums from illnesses-causing bacteria and prevent problems even before they begin. The treatment options include sealants, cleanings, dental X-rays, fluoride treatments, and dental evaluation. 
  • Restorative dentistry- Dentists also involve procedures usually when it comes to repairing damaged or missed teeth. The main treatment options in this dentistry are fillings, crowns, bridges, and dental implants. 
  • Emergency dental care- Dentists ensure offering 24*7 emergency dental care. Treatment options offered involve tooth extractions, root canals, and treating knocked-out teeth.

Reasons to See the Best Dentist in Jaipur?

Several reasons are there to visit the best dentist in Jaipur to maintain oral health. The following are the reasons:

  • Preventive care- Dentists help in removing plaque and tartar, averting tooth decay and gum disease. They also determine teeth-related problems in the initial stages and avert them before they are serious. 
  • Oral hygiene guidance- Dentists provide instructions on following correct oral hygiene practices which include flossing, brushing, and mouthwash use. 
  • Gum disease prevention- They also assist in preventing and detecting gum disease. 
  • Cavity detection and treatment- Dentists can help in determining cavities during regular check-ups and offer treatment to avert decay.
  • X-rays and imaging- Dentists through X-rays can assist in identifying the problems linked to tooth roots or jawbone.
  • Oral cancer screening- Dentists also offer assistance in identifying signs of oral cancer during regular assessment promoting initial diagnosis and better treatment results.
  • Orthodontic consultation- Dentists also provide their help in assessing the requirement for orthodontic treatment.
  • Tooth sensitivity- With the assistance of dentists, patients can find the solution for tooth sensitivity and they recommend proper treatments. 

Other reasons are to visit the best dentists in Jaipur such as cosmetic dentistry consultation, managing bad breath, dentures and prosthodontics, children’s dentistry, tooth extraction, and oral surgery. 

Where to find the best Dentist In Jaipur?

The relationship between a dentist and the patient is long-term oral healthcare partners. Hence, it is very important to find the best dentist in Jaipur so that the patient feels comfortable. Here are certain tips that can help in finding the best dentist: 

  • You can consider seeking recommendations from family, friends, or relatives who reside in Jaipur.
  • You can also get in touch with your local general dentist for recommendations 
  • One can also check online platforms for reviews and ratings to identify the ranking of the best dentists in Jaipur.
  • Identify directories with local associations as they are familiar with highly expert and professional dentists.
  • Check the hospital affiliations and look for reputable hospitals offering quality and patient-focused services 
  • Look for the dental care type you require and identify a dentist specializing in that area.
  • Make sure that the chosen dentist holds all the required qualifications and credentials. 
  • Ensure that the hospital is integrated with the latest and advanced technological equipment.

Why Should I choose Rukmani Birla Hospital for Dental Treatment in Jaipur?

Rukmani Birla Hospital, Jaipur is among the eminent multi-special hospitals operating in the city for decades. The hospital has integrated the most amazing and experienced doctors including other staff members. We ensure dedicating ourselves to offering exceptional and satisfactory patient care. The primary objective behind the inception of this hospital is to make healthcare services available to everyone at an affordable cost including the finest treatment. So, if you are looking for the best dentist in Jaipur, then get in touch with our most skilled and highly talented healthcare professionals at RBH.