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Paediatric Dentistry

What is a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are devoted to children’s oral health from their infant age through their teen years. They gain experience and required qualifications for a child’s gums, teeth, and mouth across the several childhood stages. Pediatric dentists also referred to as pedodontists have special interests in children’s oral health.

What does a Paediatric Dentist or a Pedodontist Do?

Pediatric dentists also known as periodontists hold a special interest in pedodontics. It is important to visit a pediatric dentist recommended by the doctor as children and people have unique needs. Visiting a periodontist helps the child in developing the healthy daily habits needed in daily routine. Pedodontists work by monitoring the oral health of children and ensure offering their advice including support to assist them care for their teeth. A pediatric dentist also benefits in identifying if a child is likely to require braces and offers early intrusion. 

Why do your kids need a pediatric dentist?

Children need pediatric dentists as it becomes easier for them to get used to visiting a dental office at a young age and can develop a favorable association with the doctor. Parents need to be aware of their kid's oral health and keep checking on the baby's teeth shedding regularly. Parents should also keep a check on their baby’s oral health so that they can prevent the risk of developing any serious health illnesses in the future. Oral health can contribute to developing serious health diseases in the future if they are not treated on time. According to doctors, oral health and hygiene is very important as it is the primary source for any underlying illnesses. Problems like tooth decay can be prevented beforehand and the risk of developing cavities as well. Periodontists involve using the exceptional advancement that is emerging nowadays in the field of dentistry.


What types of treatments do pediatric dentists provide?

Every child has their own teeth shapes and sizes, and so do their dental requirements. This is why pediatric dentists are important often for kids. There are various treatment options offered by pediatric dentists such as:

  • Cleanings and preventive care- They offer professional cleanings and preventive care hence a checkup with a pediatric dentist is recommended every six months. 
  • Fluoride- This treatment option helps in teeth strengthening and preventing cavities including averting the accumulation of tartar and plaque. 
  • Fillings-A pediatric dentist helps in restoring the tooth’s stability and function impacted by decay or injury through fillings. 
  • Sealants- These help protect the areas which are hard to clean and reduce the risk of cavities by 80%.
  • Bonding-It is a fast way for fixing crooked teeth, or chipped and discolored teeth. To repair the flaw, a pediatric dentist involves sculpting a white resin onto the tooth directly. 
  • Extractions- An extraction treatment service is provided by a pediatric dentist if the tooth is seriously damaged and requires repair. 
  • Emergencies- All dental emergencies can be horrible and frightening. In certain cases, a delay in care might cause tooth loss. Hence, it is recommended to the children's parents that they must immediately consult a pediatric dentist in case of emergencies.

Why should you choose Rukmani Birla Hospital for pediatric dentistry?

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