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Prevent uti with these tips during summer days according to urologist

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Prevent uti with these tips during summer days according to urologist

by CMRI | Published on 28/06/2022


For most people, summer means longer days with summer holidays. However, for the rest of us, it means something else: urinary tract infections. If you have a UTI, you may have experienced that burning sensation and that frequent urge to urinate. And this happens more commonly in women than in men. UTIs can also cause significant interruptions in your daily life as well. Here we’ve discussed a few tips that will help you to stay infection-free while you enjoy your summer holidays. Our expert urology doctor in Kolkata has helped us with the same.

Why are UTIs more prevalent during the summer?

The summer months are not only hot but also humid. The higher the humidity, the more likely you are to acquire a urinary tract infection. This is due to the fact that humidity creates an excellent habitat for germs to flourish.

Because UTIs are caused by bacteria in the urethra and other regions of the urinary system, this is a risky combination. The risk increases when warm, humid surroundings are combined with dehydrated people and wet garments. However, you do not have to suffer through the agony of a UTI—there are numerous things you can do to reduce your risk and prevent UTIs from occurring.

Here are a few effective tips that will prevent UTIs during summer days :

  • Do not retain your urine or urinate too quickly: Both could expose you to more hazardous bacteria in your urine and hinder the entire release of these bacteria, raising your risk of infection.
  • Avoid wearing tight undergarments or swimsuits: These garments frequently promote bacterial growth and irritate the urinary tract. To reduce your risk even further, wash and change into clean, dry underwear and swimwear on a regular basis.
  • Urinate after having intercourse: This allows your body to flush out potentially hazardous bacteria that may have entered your urinary tract as a result of intercourse.
  • To stay hydrated, consume plenty of liquids, especially water: Water aids in the diluting of urine while also ensuring that you urinate regularly enough. This permits bacteria to be expelled from your urinary tract, which aids in the prevention of illness.
  • Wipe the vagina from front to back after using the toilet: To avoid introducing fecal bacteria into the urinary tract, first wipe the vagina after urinating by wiping it from front to back. After passing stools, wipe the bottom (anus) separately without contacting the vagina.
  • Women who use particular kinds of contraception may be more prone to urinary tract infections: Diaphragms, spermicide-treated goods, and unlubricated condoms are particularly dangerous. These birth control techniques create increased irritation, which can promote bacterial growth.
  • While this does not prevent summer UTIs, it does help to keep subsequent issues at bay: Make sure you understand all of the signs of a urinary tract infection so you can seek medical attention if necessary. The following are some of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of a UTI:
  • Burning, discomfort, or itching during or between urinations
  • Frequent urination
  • Urgency of urination
  • Increased urine frequency, even if your bladder is empty
  • Pressure in the abdomen

As suggested by our top urologist in Kolkata, a bladder infection can be painful and inconvenient. However, if a UTI spreads to your kidneys, it might have significant repercussions. Include these above-mentioned tips in your routine to keep your UTI symptoms at bay.