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What are the signs that show you need a hip replacement surgery?

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What are the signs that show you need a hip replacement surgery?

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement | Posted on 08/16/2022 by RBH

Hip replacement surgery is quite common, especially when it comes to old age people. Usually, hip joints get damaged if a person is suffering from Arthritis but other conditions such as fracture injury, dislocation, osteoporosis, and weak joints might be other reasons for having hip replacement surgery. Further, the best Orthopaedic in Jaipur also recommends her replacement surgery if the hip joint is stiff, causes a lot of pain, and makes daily activities difficult to perform. In a hip replacement surgery, a doctor removes and replaces the portion of the femur bone which is also known as a thigh bone, and the pelvis that forms the hip joint.

Usually, a minor issue can be resolved with the help of medication heat therapy ointments, and painkillers but if the pain is persistent and the movement is causing unbearable pain then one must seek a professional's help and consult the best orthopedics in Jaipur.

Hip replacement surgery is an effective treatment and all the above cases as it gives relief from the pain helps in mobility and gives people the opportunity to enjoy life like before and makes them more independent as they are able to do all their daily activities without help. Some people are still skeptical about going for major surgery but as a matter of fact, hip replacement surgery is quite successful and with improvements in the joint replacement surgical technique and advanced technology its success rate and effectiveness have increased dramatically. Minimally invasive techniques are used that make small incisions in order to perform the surgery; it leaves fewer scars, it is less painful,  faster recovery, fewer complications, and has a shorter day at the hospital.

Warning signs or symptoms that show you require hip joint surgery:

  • Chronic and excruciating pain: If you are suffering from pain that is persistent and has no relief even after taking regular painkillers then it's a sign that there is some serious problem with the hip joint. Further, if you are having problems such as difficulty in walking bending limping while walking unable to get up from the bed, and having pain while using stairs, these are warning signs you must look out for.
  • Stiffness in the hip joint: It is an indication that your hip joint is either damaged or you are suffering from an injury that requires medical attention. A little bit of stiffness is normal but if stiffness is persistent and hinders your daily activities and causes pain then you must go for an expert Orthopaedic doctor.
  • Disability: If a person is suffering from a disability that makes walking and performing really difficult in such cases also they may require hip replacement surgery.
  • Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia requires hip arthroscopy as there is a need to repair the tone cartilage which if left untreated causes a lot of pain and causes difficulty in performing normal activities.
  • Arthritis: If a person is suffering from arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and they experience a lot of pain in their Hip joint and have difficulty walking, taking steps getting up, and experiencing excruciating pain and rubbing of bones such cases hip replacement surgery is inevitable.
  • Injury or fracture: If you have met with an accident or have a minor injury that was neglected and it still causes a lot of pain and hindrance in performing daily activities in such cases also you must take medical help as there might be damaged tissues or cartilage that requires medical attention or surgery.

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