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Did You Know that These Foods can Disrupt Your Hormonal Balance?

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Did You Know that These Foods can Disrupt Your Hormonal Balance?

Diabetes & Endocrinology | by BMB | Published on 27/06/2022

Hormonal imbalances are a very common problem experienced by people nowadays in fact most people are likely to experience one or two different hormone-related problems during their lifetime. While there can be many reasons behind it, the increasing incidence of the same in the past 2 years has made experts believe that lifestyle choices play a very crucial role in it. This includes eating habits as well. In this blog, we have discussed some surprising foods that can disturb the normal hormonal balance, with the help of experts from the best endocrinology hospital in Kolkata. Before starting, let's try to understand what hormones actually are.

Hormones are commonly known as the body's chemical messengers, but have you ever wondered why? Hormones are chemicals synthesized by specialized glands and are known to regulate various cellular activities. These also play a very vital role in the normal functioning of different organs and support various life processes. Once generated, these enter the bloodstream and are carried to different areas of the body, where they carry out their function. So, It wouldn't be wrong to say that hormones are messengers that carry instructions for different organs and help them work efficiently. If the normal hormonal balance is disturbed for any reason, it can impact the normal functioning of different organs in the body. Here are some foods that may lead to such disturbances.

Caffeine - Many people out there can't imagine their day without a cup of coffee and it is quite understandable as it gives you an instant burst of energy thereby helping you snap out of lethargy. Whether you are working at a desk or preparing for your exams, a mug of coffee is enough to boost your concentration. But, we cannot simply ignore the fact that caffeine also boosts the production of cortisol, a type of stress hormone. When you drink too much coffee it can lead to the overproduction of this hormone, which, in turn, messes up your mood and makes you feel anxious. It is due to this very reason that people suffering from conditions like depression are recommended to limit the consumption of coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine.

Everything sweet - Whether you like it or not, sugar is the greatest enemy of your hormones and is known to have a drastic impact on their production and function. Excessive intake of sugar can increase your insulin levels. Long-term intake of sugar and food items containing it can suppress your leptin and ghrelin sensitivity. Both of these hormones play a very important role in regulating your appetite and the suppression of these can trigger the same making you crave more food. As per the best doctors in Kolkata, eating candies, chocolates, sweets and anything sugary can elevate your risks of problems like obesity and diabetes.

Processed and refined foods - Processed and refined foods are loaded with sugar and gluten, both of which are known to trigger inflammation and put an additional strain on the adrenal glands. No doubt using such food items helps to save time and you can grab them anywhere, but you cannot simply overlook how these impact your health in the long run. For instance, cookies and bread, which are found in almost every household are the most popular refined foods. They are known to promote unhealthy weight gain, which further disturbs the hormonal balance. Process for items and ready-to-cook meals may seem like a convenient option but these too can wreck your hormones.

Milk - Milk is the healthiest source of calcium and other essential nutrients. In fact, experts from the best hospital in Kolkata recommend it as an essential part of a child's daily diet. However, it is important to know that unlike many other foods milk is comparatively difficult to digest and as such, it can promote gut inflammation and irritation. Some people also tend to be lactose intolerant which means that as soon as they consume milk or any other dairy products, they are likely to experience indigestion. Excessive intake of milk can spike up the levels of triglycerides and even promote diabetes which has also been linked with various skin problems like acne. The growth hormones present in it can drastically impact your liver.

If you wish to avoid hormonal problems or have already been detected with any, just make sure that you avoid these food items at all cause. You can also consult an expert from the best hospital in Kolkata for all the care and guidance that you need related to your hormonal health.