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Earlobe Repair SurgeryIn Jaipur

What is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery, a minimally invasive procedure called lobuloplasty, is a cosmetic procedure intended to restore the earlobe’s shape, size, and appearance. Earlobe repair surgery is initiated to rectify problems that affect the earlobes. This procedure involves remodeling and reconstructing the damaged tissue to revive a natural appearance. Common concerns are torn or stretched earlobes, split earlobes, or earlobe abnormalities.

Damaged earlobes can lead to self-consciousness and discomfort, it doesn’t matter how it occurs, whether due to trauma, stretching from heavy earrings, or congenital deformities. So, if you are also going through the same, then you must book your appointment with one of the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur at CK Birla Hospital. You will find the solutions for any type of earlobe problem here. 

Why is Earlobe Repair Surgery Performed?

Certain reasons are there for why earlobe repair surgery is performed such as:

  • Accidents, injuries, or tears cause abnormalities that need surgical correction.
  • Lengthened wearing of heavy earrings or gauges causes stretched or elongated earlobes, prompting people to seek renewal.
  • Some people who are born with earlobe deformities need surgical interference for correction.

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What are the Benefits of Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery offers certain benefits such as: 

  • Renewal of aesthetic appearance
  • Enhanced self-esteem 
  • Wear earrings again
  • Ears look symmetrical
  • Less scarring 
  • Fast and secure procedure 
  • Saggy skin removal 

What is the Cost of Earlobe Repair Surgery?

The cost of earlobe repair surgery differs hugely depending on certain factors such as the experience of a surgeon, damage severity, and location. The cost usually ranges from approximately twenty thousand to one lakh. However, it is vital to consult an expert and qualified surgeon to get an appropriate estimation tailored to specific requirements and situations. 

Risks and Complications of Untreated Earlobe Damage?

If earlobe damage is left untreated, it can cause severe complications that include:

  • Earlobe damage that’s not treated on time keeps worsening with time causing additional abnormalities and asymmetry. 
  • If the earlobe wounds or tears are open, then it gets infected causing swelling and scarring. 
  • When earlobes are severely damaged, it becomes difficult to wear earrings without discomfort or firmly.

Procedure of Earlobe Repair Surgery?

The following steps are followed during earlobe repair surgery: 

  • Local anesthesia is given to deaden the earlobes and ensure that the patient doesn’t experience discomfort throughout the procedure.
  • The surgeon cautiously clips away any damaged or excess tissue from the earlobes, reshaping them to achieve the desired appearance.
  • The remaining tissue is meticulously sutured together using fine stitches, creating a seamless and natural-looking result.
  • A sterile dressing may be applied to the earlobes to protect the surgical site and promote healing.

What are the Pre-Instructions for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Patients are recommended to follow certain points before undergoing earlobe surgery, such as:

  • Refrain from the consumption of alcohol and smoking as it damages recovery
  • Break off blood-thinning medications or supplements to minimize the bleeding risk during surgery
  • Get an extensive assessment and ensure keeping the reports in hand 
  • Arrange someone to escort you to the home after surgery 
  • Ensure following fasting rules as instructed by the surgeon

Recovery After Earlobe Repair Surgery

Here is what recovery looks like after earlobe repair surgery: 

  • Earlobes' mild swelling and bruising are common and must slowly reside within a week or two.
  • Patients might come across mild discomfort or pain often after the surgery which is easily manageable through OTC drugs.
  • Patients are recommended to refrain from strenuous exercises that can lead to injuries during the early phase of healing. 
  • Patients are required to ensure their presence for follow-up appointments to track the recovery progress and suture removal. 

What Precautions Should Be Taken After Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Patients must ensure optimum recovery and outcomes by following the precautions discussed below: 

  • Try to ensure that earlobes don’t get wet until guided otherwise by the surgeon to avoid infection.
  • Patients are instructed to sleep on the side of the head so that there is no pressure on the earlobes and interrupt recovery. 
  • Patients should ensure they follow particular instructions given by their surgeon when it comes to wound care, medication, and activity limitations.

Why should you choose CK Birla Hospital for Earlobe Repair Surgery in Jaipur?

CK Birla Hospitals, Jaipur is among the eminent multi-special hospitals operating in the city for decades. The hospital has integrated the most amazing and experienced doctors including other staff members. We ensure dedicating ourselves to offering exceptional and satisfactory patient care. The primary objective behind the inception of this hospital is to make healthcare services available to everyone at an affordable cost including the finest treatment. So, if you are looking for an earlobe repair surgeon in Jaipur, then get in touch with our most skilled and highly talented healthcare professionals at RBH.

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How long does earlobe repair take to heal?

The earlobes repair outcomes are not visible initially due to minor swelling and bruising and the side effects need some time to completely dissipate. Hence, the overall healing process of earlobe repair takes around two-three weeks.

Who does earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair or lobuloplasty is a procedure performed for split or torn earlobe repair, hence it is performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

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