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Department Of ENT- Otolaryngology

ENT is a specialty branch of medicine and surgery which looks after a range of ear, nose, and throat illnesses that are often left untreated because of people being unaware of possible advancements in this field. The most common otolaryngology problems seen nowadays are Hearing loss, swallowing problems (Dysphagia), Otis media (infection of ears), Hoarseness in voice, Dizziness, Cholesteatoma (abnormal skin growth in the middle ear due to chronic skin infections or birth defects), gastric reflux, snoring, tonsils, sinus issues, nose bleed, ringing in ears (Tinnitus) and Otitis externa (Swimmer’s ear).

The Department of ENT at CK Birla RBH houses an expert team of ENT specialists, surgeons, therapists, and audiologists. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and facilities such as a special audiology lab, operating microscopes for examining samples for infection, and diagnostic endoscopes for real-time images and videos of the internal body system. 

The aim is to provide the best comprehensive healthcare services for all ENT patients and perform surgeries in a patient-centered or secured environment. Surgical centers are running in the department supported with outstanding anesthesia services and the latest equipment like sialendoscopy, microdebrider systems, electrical drills, and laser devices. Separate Intensive Care Units and wards are available to take care of adults and pediatrics. Other than healthcare provided to hospitalized patients, outpatient services are also available for 6 days a week with easy and quick admission. 

The department works in collaboration with other specialties like onco-surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery while performing complex or challenging surgical tasks. Moreover, medical assistance is also taken from experts of internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, and gastroenterology to facilitate fast healing and improve the health conditions of patients post-surgery. 

Why Choose CK Birla RBH?

  • World-class care
  • Hygienic operating rooms
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Affordable treatment
  • State-of-the-art care facilities
  • Emergency care
  • Best team of ear doctors and surgeons

Best specialty treatments performed for inpatients at CK Birla RBH

Rhinology: This involves problems related to the nose and sinuses. Some of the procedures carried out are Balloon sinuplasty, Advanced Endoscopic sinus surgery, Coblation assisted sinus surgery, modified Lothrop procedure, and Turbinoplasty.

Advanced auditory and cochlear implantation: It is performed in case of injuries or congenital ear abnormalities to treat hearing problems.

Otology: It deals with the ear and its associated diseases. Some of the procedures are Ossiculoplasty, Canaloplasty, Tympanoplasty, Stapedotomy, and Modified and Radical Mastoidectomy.

Neurotology: It focuses on the treatment of conditions of the inner ear. The procedures involved are temporal bone resection, labyrinthectomy, facial nerve grafting and decompression, subtotal petrosectomy, and translabyrinth procedures (to treat tumors).
Laryngology: This includes the treatment of injury and diseases related to the voice box/larynx. Some procedures performed are tracheostomy, micro laryngeal surgery, and thyroplasty.

Head and neck surgery: It includes the treatment of disorders like tonsillitis, fistulae, and nystagmus. The procedures involved are parotidectomy, salivary gland excision, laryngectomy, thyroidectomy, and sialendoscopy.

Bronchoesophagology: It is associated with the diagnosis and treatment of oesophageal and air passage diseases. Diagnostic techniques like esophagoscopy and bronchoscopy are in use. It also includes airway surgery or stenting to remove the blockage of air passage/windpipe. 
Lateral endonasal cranial base surgery using Endoscopy: for treating conditions like encephaloceles, glomus tumors, cholesteatomas, glioma or glomus tumors, meningiomas, and acoustic neuromas.

Pediatric otolaryngology: It looks after evaluation and treatment of ENT problems of the child from birth till adolescence. Some procedures performed under this unit are tracheostomy, endolaryngeal surgery, tonsillectomy, myringotomy, and adenoidectomy. 

Some of the outpatient procedures performed on daily basis include

  • Myringotomy: It is carried out to drain the middle ear fluid through a small incision made in the eardrum.
  • Removal of sinuses of the nasal and paranasal cavity to clear the obstructed airway.
  • Withdrawal of minor abscesses. 
  • Intraoral steroid injections for treating submucous fibrosis.
  • Treatment of local ear infections by debridement of mastoid cavities of the ear after surgery.
  • Positional therapeutic exercises to control vertigo.

Treatment and Surgeries

  • Audiology and Speech Therapy

    Audiology and Speech Therapy

  • Cochlear Implant

    Cochlear Implant

  • ENG / BERA / OAE

    ENG / BERA / OAE

  • Epley’s Manoeuvre

    Epley’s Manoeuvre

  • Flexible Fibre Optic Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy

    Flexible Fibre Optic Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy

  • Laryngeal


  • Microscopy of the ear

    Microscopy of the ear

  • Myringotomy and Grommet Insertion

    Myringotomy and Grommet Insertion

  • Nasal Endoscopy

    Nasal Endoscopy

  • Obstructive sleep apnea

    Obstructive sleep apnea

  • Surgery for Deafness and Discharging Ears

    Surgery for Deafness and Discharging Ears

  • Surgery of the Nose and Para-Nasal Sinuses

    Surgery of the Nose and Para-Nasal Sinuses

  • Surgery of the Throat and Neck

    Surgery of the Throat and Neck

  • Vocal Cord Paralysis

    Vocal Cord Paralysis

  • Voice Respiratoire Superieur

    Voice Respiratoire Superieur

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