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Story of Courage

  • I am the attendant of Amita. She was admitted due to shoulder pain. I’d like to mention that patient here received great treatment. The entire staff including all the doctors and nurses are so professional and supportive.

    Prashant Sedan

    Testimonial of Prashant Sedan

  • Appreciate your hospitality. Cheers.

    Purva Upadhyay

    Testimonial of Purva Upadhyay

  • I am very happy that I came to your Hospital. The services offered here are very good.

    Thank you.

    M Kamala Devi

    Testimonial of M Kamala Devi

  • Happy with doctor friendliness, explanation of the health issue, treatment satisfaction, value for money, wait time. He is an amazing doctor.
    He did my ACL reconstruction surgery as well as treated my mom for frozen shoulder. We both are so much satisfied with his treatment. I recovered so fast and so well and my mom who was suffering with the problem for so long, consulted so many other doctors but nothing made any sort of improvement but his treatment finally turned out incredibly happy. She is recovering very well.

    Dr. Arun is very friendly and too genuine in nature; he understands patients so well and treats accordingly. He increases confidence in better recovery.
    100% recommendation for anything regarding Orthopaedic.

    Thank you

    Divyani Pathak

    Testimonial of Divyani Pathak

  • I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to entire staff. Thank you all for your high level of professionalism and the warmth attention and devotion that you displayed for my brother.

    All the best to you all and keep giving life to the patient’s with your wonderful services.

    Thanks again.

    Nidhesh Pareek (08/08/2016)

    Nidhesh Pareek

    Testimonial of Nidhesh Pareek

  • The Hospital has been made beautifully. There is no change required. Behavior of all the Doctors and staff is very good and the treatment here is affordable.

    Vinod Vijay

    Testimonial of Vinod Vijay

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • I am asked to write the feedback about this hospital. I don’t know where to start from: but I am the man of two words, Thank you Doctors, thank you sisters, Thank you other supporting staff.

    Since conception my wife was under Dr. Vibha Chaturvedi’s treatment and she strongly recommended us to go to RBH.

    On 13th, my wife started having labour pain and we rushed to RBH. I never expected such a wonderful infrastructure of hospital and above all we got a very warm reception here. Immediately after our arrival the medical procedure was initiated by nursing staff and doctors.

    Everything was more than our expectation here but I wish to thank particularly sisters here who are very calm, experienced and polite to explain my questions about procedure.

    I do not remember names of all sisters here but I deeply appreciate Sister Suman (Labour Room), Sister Ammu, Sister Adira, Sister Archana for their care and belongingness towards my kid. I want to thank Sister Sari (she took care of my son during phototherapy so well even me and my wife could not have done) and Sister Sulochana (NICU) who took care of my son so well.

    The wonderful part of the hospital is Nursing Staff here. Hats off to the caring nature of nursing staff here.

    Now my big Thanks to Dr. Vibha, who brought our son to this world so nicely that I never got tense even for a second during labour of my wife.

    Alpana Agarwal

    Testimonial of Alok Kumar

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

  • I visited Dr. Arun Partani for ACL surgery in my right knee. He is very polite and explains each and every thing about the surgery to me which is the best thing.
    I am writing this review after two months of my surgery. Just after a few days of surgery I started walking without support and now I am able to do every routine activity. I am able to bend my knee at almost 130 degrees now i.e. near to full. He is very confident Doctor and his work is Excellent.

    Thank you

    Deepesh Saini

    Testimonial of Deepesh Saini