CK Birla Hospitals does not ask for any payment for appointment confirmation. Please beware of fake calls asking for such payments and if you receive such a call, please report this to legal authorities or the cyber cell.

CK Birla Hospitals does not ask for any payment for appointment confirmation. Please beware of fake calls asking for such payments and if you receive such a call, please report this to legal authorities or the cyber cell.


Department Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a branch of therapeutic medicine that helps treat individuals suffering from chronic pain, injury, or trauma. In healthcare clinical practice, it is prescribed for improving and maintaining the person’s well-being, motility, and functioning. It deals with both prevention and rehabilitation for movement-associated diseases, traumatic injury, and physical disability.

The Department of Physiotherapy at CK Birla RBH is the most-renowned tertiary level rehabilitation center with the objective of meeting the satisfaction of patients by providing high-quality patient care and a healthy active lifestyle. It has a compassionate, qualified team of physio and occupational therapists, sports therapists, pediatric therapists, orthopedic therapists, rehabilitation assistants, and nursing staff to reduce the cognitive and physical effects of a disability. They work using a multifaceted approach by collaborating with other specialties like cardiology, pulmonology, and neurology.
The treatment systems adopted by the health professionals for the patients includes properly planned and executed rehabilitation programs. There are customized treatment plans available that involve different physiotherapy techniques designed to suit the needs of every patient. 
The center is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities (including all diagnostic and therapeutic technologies) that are functional for different sub-specialties of physiotherapy. There are multiple beds available in the Intensive Care Unit, Operation theatres, and wards that work round-the-clock.  

Why Choose CK Birla RBH?

  • Best team of physiotherapist
  • Lasers and advanced therapy are available
  • World-class care
  • Hygienic rooms for conducting sessions
  • Cost-effective treatments
  • Affordable treatment
  • State-of-the-art care facilities

Services offered by the Department of Physiotherapy at CK Birla RBH

The department has a patient-centric layout that offers various comprehensive services, some of which are:

  • Ultrasonic therapy: It makes use of high-frequency sound waves to heat deep tissues and provides relief from pain.
  • Cryotherapy or heat therapy/ Thermotherapy: Cold treatment helps in numbing pain, block nerve impulses, constrict blood vessels, and minimize swelling. In contrast, the extreme heating of deeper body tissues can enhance the blood flow, lead to the relaxation of muscles, improve the body’s flexibility, increase the metabolism of tissues, and reduce the sensitivity of muscle spindles to stretch.
  • Hi-power laser therapy: This is a non-invasive procedure that makes use of lasers for treating different musculoskeletal conditions in an individual.
  • Electrotherapy/ Microcurrent therapy: This is used for fast healing of the injured tissues and manages pain of chronic conditions. The specific frequency of electrical currents is used for this purpose.
  • Suspension therapy: It is a technique used in exercise therapy wherein the body is kept suspended in the air using slings and ropes that are fastened to the fixed elevated point.
  • Microwave diathermy: In this method, microwaves are used to generate heat that is targeted to muscles and joints for warming the deep tissues. 
  • Short and long wave therapy: Short wave therapy includes the use of electromagnetic radio waves to deliver heat in a controlled manner below the skin epidermis. The long wave diathermy works on the method used in the capacitor field. 
  • Inferential therapy: This pain-relieving method stimulate nerve activity and encourages blood flow to the injured body areas using low-frequency electric currents. 
  • Electromyography or Biofeedback Electrical modalities like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and electrical muscle stimulation.
  • In-patient care or rehabilitation centers for stroke, orthopedics, pain management, spine, cancer, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and traumatic brain injury. 
  • Out-patient care services such as rehabilitation for spinal cord injury, sports injury, osteoporosis, dysphagia (swallowing problems), pediatric, arthritis, pulmonary, stroke, amputees, vestibular issues, wound/vascular care, cancer wellness (including lymphedema and chemotherapy-related side-effects), incontinence, and fibromyalgia treatment. 
  • Equipment such as therapeutic treadmill, Recumbent exercise bikes or cycles, Fine motor training gadgets, balance board, and tilt table. There are also multi-exercise stations and strength training stations available. 
  • Some hands-on approach includes Neurodynamics, Bobath approach, Kinesiotapping, Theraband exercises, Osteopathic manual therapy, Neuro-developmental therapy, McKenzie, Motor re-learning program, Mulligan concept, Vestibular rehabilitation therapy, Strength and conditioning, Integrated neuro physiotherapy, Manual lymph drainage, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular rehabilitation.

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