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Department Of Emergency Medicine

Many emergency cases arrive at the hospital which requires immediate medical attention and proper care. These include injury and trauma cases or certain health conditions which can be life-threatening if not treated on the spot. Emergency medicine is a separate medical field that focuses on the prompt diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of such critical medical conditions.  

The Department of Emergency medicine at CK Birla RBH is equipped with all the latest services that run round-the-clock. It also acts as the essential division for disaster management. Moreover, there is a team of trained senior and junior residents that work with nursing staff, consultants, and others in the shortest time to provide the best possible emergency care for the patients seeking treatment.  

For immediate surgical interventions, the department houses modern operation theatres with all the high-end facilities that function 24 X 7 to provide medical aid to critically ill patients. It has the latest equipment such as ventilators, nebulizers, defibrillators, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, and many more. For heart patients with cardiac arrest, the department has a high standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation system i.e. designed using biomarkers. 

The Emergency Department is located close to the blood bank, state-of-art diagnostic laboratories, and radiology department so that the time is saved and the patient can be quickly treated with their assistance. Its vision is to provide instantaneous and multifaceted emergency care to the complex and challenging medical conditions that are in line with global standards, intending to make a notable prognostic impact. The mission is to establish an advanced level 1 trauma center. 

Why Choose CK Birla RBH?

  • Dedicated team of physicians, nurses and health professionals who extend the best care along with compassion to every patient.
  • Organized Department with 12 beds and is equipped with rooms for decontamination, isolation and procedures, and equipped with all latest and sophisticated life-saving equipments - multipara monitors, ventilators BIPAP, ABG Machine etc. 
  • Provide immediate medical attention to patients arriving with acute illnesses and injuries.

Services offered by the Department of Emergency Medicine at CK Birla RBH

Some of the facilities provided by the Department of Emergency medicine include:

Ambulance services (working 24X7): This includes the ambulance facility equipped with the latest technologies to transport high-risk patients.  

Defibrillation and Cardioversion: This is a prompt treatment provided to heart patients for ventricular fibrillation and abnormal heartbeats so that the blood pumping is normalized to the brain and other body parts and the heartbeats are returned to a normal rhythm.   

Diagnosis and treatment for bites: This takes care of the individuals who had poisonous bites of snakes, or any other animals.

Intubation and ventilation: This procedure is performed for people having difficulty breathing on their own during their treatment. 

Medico-legal evaluations: In this branch, all the cases wherein investigations by the law-enforcing agencies are important to know the reason for an injury or an ailment is carried out by the experts.

Poisoning Emergency Care (Toxicology): Most of medical emergency cases are of poisoning. Immediate first aid is very important in a case of poisoning emergency. The department aim is to support and manage such patients, save their lives, and limit permanent injury from poisoning.

Resuscitation: The resuscitation bay has all the life-saving drugs and equipment for patient of all ages. The medical team in the bay has experts who are experienced and trained in resuscitative measures and protocols and are certified by AHA (American Heart Association).

Thrombolytic therapy: This involves the use of drugs that can dissolve the blood clots in case of potentially serious conditions like Ischaemic stroke. Reacting quickly and with best experience, the team of expert’s medical professional provide appropriate emergency care and treatment. We also have an advanced neurology and neurosurgery department that are equipped with best life-saving technologies and facilities under one roof. 

Training for disaster management: Rehabilitation services are provided under this division who have been hit by any disaster event.

Trauma care: Patients with serious multiple injuries, road accident or a fall or some natural disaster are initially handled in the Emergency Department. The department is established to increase the patient’s chance of survival and it is greatly improved if definitive treatment (i.e. surgery or re-perfusion)  is provided within one hour (Golden Hour) of the incident. CK Birla RBH always follow well laid protocols and the close working relationship and coordination between the Department of Emergency Medicine and the other Departments at CK Birla RBH. 

Trauma center: This unit addresses the patients having brain or spinal trauma/injury.

Triage: This refers to the categories of patient care based on the priority of their treatment i.e. whether there is a need to make an appointment with a doctor on the same day, go to the emergency ward, visit for urgent care, primary care, or immediate home care.

The Emergency team works in co-ordination with the radiology and neurology departments for quick imaging (24 hours access to CT, MRI and other imaging) and early intervention with relevant neurology consultations, since time is of the essence. In addition to strokes, the center also handles severe headache, seizures (fits), loss of consciousness, etc.

Other Emergencies Services

  • Anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions
  • Burns
  • ENT Ophthalmological emergencies
  • Infections, sepsis and organ failure
  • Ortho: fractures, dislocations, sprains, etc
  • Pediatric Emergencies with early pediatric consultation
  • Surgical emergencies (like Intestinal perforations, obstructions and obstructed hernias)
  • Uncontrolled bleeding and shock.
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes and Hypertension and other life style diseases

In appreciation of its excellent service in treating minor lacerations and sprains to major multi-system trauma including shock and massive bleed, CK Birla RBH Department of Emergency has won several recognitions. 

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