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Osteopathy is an alternative branch of medical science that deals with physical manipulation or strengthening of the muscles and bones (musculoskeletal framework) of the human body. It does not involve the use of drugs or invasive procedures rather it is a manual therapy (includes treatment and diagnosis using hands) that is beneficial for the improvement of the health of body systems like nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. This complementary therapy of improving the wellbeing of an individual is now gaining popularity at a fast pace across the globe.

The Department of Osteopathy at CK Birla RBH offers the best cure for problems related to biomechanics (i.e. the mechanism by which the musculoskeletal works and affects other body parts) and the correction of any alterations made in it. The department houses well-experienced and trained osteopathic physicians that are qualified as medical doctors. They aim to help treat the patients by supporting their body’s self-healing role. They can provide gentle care to all age groups-i.e. from newborn to old patients and also to those individuals suffering from complex or challenging health conditions. 

The osteopathic intervention is capable of treating or managing a variety of medical conditions or disorders. Some of these include:

Osteopathy Treatment offered at CK Birla RBH

The different hands-on techniques used by the osteopaths includes:

  • Soft tissue techniques: It includes the massage of soft tissues and joints to reduce muscle pain and tension and assist in its optimal mobilization. 
  • Stretching of muscles and joint capsules: It includes the exercises to reduce the stiffness of joints by Low Load Prolonged Duration (LLPD) stretching (also known as Total End Range time). The stretching of muscles can help alleviate the tensions in the muscles which eventually minimizes the stress. 
  • Articulation: It is the manipulation of joint movements to make them more gentle and rhythmic which helps in the coating of the affected joints and ligaments with the synovial fluid (natural lubrication of the body). 
  • Spinal manipulation: It includes the use of hands to apply a controlled thrust to the spinal joint. 
  • Visceral manipulation: It involves the applying of gentle forces on the abdominal and pelvic areas for encouraging the normal mobility, motion, and tone of the internal organs (viscera) including the supportive connective tissues and ligaments.   
  • Muscle energy techniques: It is done for relieving pain and for improving the functioning of joints and musculoskeletal framework. This stimulates the muscles to work against resistance. 

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