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Know The Importance Of Regular Full Body Check-Up

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Know The Importance Of Regular Full Body Check-Up

Internal Medicine | Posted on 05/12/2020 by RBH

Decades ago, people only used to visit the doctor when they would fall sick or needed surgery. However, today times have drastically changed. In this new, fast-paced life, everyone wants to be on the top of their health. Hence, preventive healthcare has become critically important as people want to minimize their chances of falling sick or needing any form of medical treatment.

Moreover, today with the increasing number of diseases, stress, lifestyle habits, etc. preventive healthcare has become all the more important. People have become more aware and conscious, and want pre-emptive medical advice on how to best stay healthy. One important aspect of preventive healthcare is regular health check-ups. Doctors advise patients to get regular health checks to stay on top of their health. It is very necessary to know the importance of regular full body check-ups to be on the right track of preventive healthcare.

Some of the strong advantages of regular full-body check-ups include:

Reduced medical costs: Contrary to popular belief that health check-ups can shoot up your costs and sway your budgets, they instead tend to reduce your potential medical expenditure. Multiple hospitals and diagnostic companies offer deals and packages which provide preventive health check-ups at an overall reduced price as compared to check-ups performed upon need. Moreover, regular screening help to timely detects critical health problems such as cancer, tuberculosis, etc. which can be easily prevented at an early stage. Moreover, timely diagnosis helps reduces the duration of treatment which helps save more money and simultaneously improves the chances of survival and full recovery. In many cases, regular health checkups help to avoid surgeries and other serious medical expenditures.

Minimise existing health risks: Even if you tend to take your current health for granted, some health indicators can cause severe problems in the long run if they are not timely managed today. Problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. can be easily managed and controlled with proper and timely medical screenings. Regular health check-ups closely monitor the health statistics and take preventive action, immediately in case of discrepancies. This helps reduce the risk of heart attack, heart problem kidney failure, etc.

Improve overall health: Regular health check-ups function as scheduled report cards that provide detailed insights into the overall condition of the body and it functioning. This helps to stay alert, identify triggers and avoid severe complications. Moreover, reports also help to attain ideal body results provided preventive measures are adopted. These checkups also act as a motivating factor for maintaining a healthy diet, body weight, and exercise regime.

Minimise stress issues: Today, stress has become one of the leading contributors to health problems. Even every life stress tends to severely impact our health and can cause a lot of health issues. These can be avoided provided preventive health check-ups are taken which help to keep vitals and necessary health indicators in check. Blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, gastrointestinal problems, etc. need to be consistently checked to avoid any serious complications further.

Reduce chances of falling sick: Regular medical screenings help to minimize one’s chances of falling sick by providing fact checks and also promoting modifications to avoid intensification of the problem. You would be able to before time detect any discrepancies in health indicators and take preventive measures to avoid falling sick. Prevention is always better than cure.

That said, the frequency, type, and exhaustiveness of health check-ups can vary from case to case. Some of the factors that influence regular screening include:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Medical history
  • Current health problems
  • Existing health condition
  • Surrounding environment
  • Lifestyle choices (smoking, alcohol, diet, etc.)
  • Physical activity

Common health check-ups for adults

Some of the common health check-ups which can be very beneficial include:

Annual check-ups

  • Blood pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Full-body exam (nose, skin, heart, body, neural)
  • Preventive assessment
  • Bone strength
  • Respiratory
  • Dental
  • Vitamins

Cancer check-ups (as suggested by the doctor)

  • Colorectal
  • Skin
  • Blood
  • Breast (women)
  • Cervical (women)
  • Prostate (men)

Sensory check-ups

  • Eyes
  • Dental
  • Ear (in case of any problematic symptoms)

Also, as a part of the regular health check-ups, one must also get necessary immunizations, such as below:

  • Tetanus
  • Diptheria
  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Hepatitis A, B and C
  • Chicken Pox
  • Small Pox
  • Meningococcal
  • Shingles
  • Haemophilus Influenza Type B
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)

It is very important to take charge of your health and invest in your overall well-being. Prevention is always better than cure and regular screenings are the most effective preventive healthcare measure. Consult your doctor for the necessary tests based on your age, gender, etc. as soon as possible.