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Is craniotomy for brain tumors a safe procedure?

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Is craniotomy for brain tumors a safe procedure?

Neurosciences | Posted on 08/03/2022 by RBH

A craniotomy is basically a surgical procedure in which a part of the bone from the skull is removed in order to expose the brain. Only trained neurosurgeons can remove the section of the brain which is called the bone flap by using specialized tools. Removal of the bone is temporary and it is done with absolute precision so that it does not cause any damage to any part of the brain. Brain tumors are usually treated with medications but in cases where the tumor is large and has to be removed surgically in such cases an expert neurologist in Jaipur is required who can perform a craniotomy.

A tumor is a condition in which the cell divides and multiplies without stopping; it occurs when there is a genetic alteration in the DNA due to genetic or external factors. Tumors can be benign and malignant; in case of the benign tumors, they are noncancerous and do not harm and can be easily removed while malignant tumors are cancerous and can spread to different parts of the affected area which is also known as metastatic tumors.

Minimally invasive Supra-orbital which is also known as eyebrow Craniotomy basically a procedure that is used to remove brain tumors. Usually, a small cut is made within the eyebrows in order to get close to the tumor or assess the tumor in front of the brain or in cases where the tumor is present around the pituitary gland which is deeper in the brain behind the nose or eyes; this is a quite complicated procedure and required absolute precision and experience.

This type of approach is generally used when the tumor is big and around the area of vital arteries and the optic nerves. Sensor procedure is Minimally invasive the surgery is less painful, leaves less scarring, has less risk of and has a faster recovery rate. Using this type of surgical procedure makes it easier to remove the brain tumor and it's a safe procedure that has minimum risk involved.

Another surgical procedure known as keyhole craniotomy is used to remove a brain tumor. This is also a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a small incision is made behind the ear so that the neurosurgeon has access to the brain stem or the cerebellum path where the brain tumor is present. This procedure is also used to treat conditions such as acoustic neuroma, skull base tumor, metastatic brain tumor, and meningiomas.

Orbitozygomatic craniotomy is a  traditional method that is used to treat difficult types of brain tumors and brain aneurysms. This type of procedure uses a procedure that is complex and cannot be removed with the help of a minimally invasive approach. It requires an advanced procedure performed by an experienced neurosurgeon as the procedure requires making an incision in the scalp behind the hairline that involves removing the bone that forms the contour of the orbit and the cheek. These bones are temporally removed so that the neurosurgeon can reach the tumor that is placed deep inside the brain. This process is done with absolute precision so that there is no damage to the brain. Not all doctors can perform this type of complicated surgery, it requires an experienced doctor in this field.

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