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Department Of Renal Sciences

The Department of Renal Sciences is one of the most advanced centres in the country, offering the finest modalities for the effective management of various diseases and ailments involving the kidneys. The department further comprises three specialized units - Nephrology, Kidney Transplant and Urology. 

At CMRI, we have the best team of renal experts who specialize in treating all kinds of diseases, ailments and disorders. Backed by innovative treatments and up to the minute interventions, the team strives to offer unparalleled care to patients suffering from both, acute, as well as chronic renal diseases. 

The department is fully equipped to carry out complex procedures like renal transplants. The ICU facility is highly advanced, and all-time available to handle critical emergency situations. The department has a dedicated laboratory, equipped with best in class diagnostic modalities for precision-based assessments.

We specialize in adult, as well as paediatric renal ailments and offer personalized treatment plans for better outcomes. With a wide spectrum of cutting-edge facilities under one roof, we offer an experience that is at par with international standards. 

Specialized units:


Nephrology, also referred to as renal medicine, is a specialized branch of Renal Sciences, dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various diseases and ailments involving the kidneys. At CMRI Hospital, we have a highly specialized team of Nephrologists who hold expertise in treating the most complex cases with utmost proficiency. The team adheres to state-of-the-art innovations, ensuring best-in-class treatments for all adult and pediatric renal conditions. 
In General Nephrology : (In Adult & Paediatric)

  • Treatment of Glomerular disease, Nephrotic syndrome, Tubulointerstitial disease
  • Treatment of Acute Kidney Injury requiring hemodialysis & other comorbidities
  • Obstructive Uropathy
  • Snake Bite
  • Drug overdose
  • Poisoning
  • Native kidney biopsy for diagnosis of basic Kidney disease
  • Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Preparation of Chronic kidney disease patients for initiation of RRT (Renal replacement therapy)

In End-Stage Renal disease patients for RRT (Renal replacement therapy)

A.Hemodialysis :

  • Conventional & Hi-flux Dialysis
  • Slow low-efficiency Dialysis ( SLED ) in critically ill patients
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) in hemodynamically unstable patients with severe comorbidities

B. AV-Fistula creation :

  • Distal or forearm Fistula
  • Proximal or Cubital Fistula
  • PTFE graft implantation
  • Complicated vascular anatomical Fistula ( 2 stage fistula )
  • Revision of complicated Fistula
  • Venoplasty for complicated dysfunctioning Fistula with help of Interventional Radiology

C. Perm Catheter Implantation :

  • Multiple sites ( Jugular, Femoral ) venous perm catheter Implantation
  • Perm catheter Implantation in complicated cases with multiple comorbidities ( Cardiac Dysfunction, On Antiplatelet drugs etc.)
  • Trans Hepatic Perm Catheter Implantation
  • Trans Lumbar Perm Catheter Implantation

D. Peritoneal Catheter Implantation :

  • Open CAPD Catheter Implantation
  • Laparoscopic CAPD Catheter Implantation

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant also referred to as renal transplant, is a surgical procedure that aims at removing a diseased or dysfunctional kidney of a patient suffering from an end-stage renal ailment and replacing it with a healthy kidney taken from a suitable donor. Kidney transplant is one of the most common transplant procedures and our expert team at CMRI Hospital offers leading-edge innovations and modalities for the same. We have a dedicated transplant unit and ICUs, fully equipped with the finest equipment and technology. We offer comprehensive care facilities for the management of terminally ill patients who are not eligible for transplants. 

Evaluation & Preparation Of Patients for Renal Transplant

Scope : (In case of both Adult & Paediatric patients)

  • Living Donor Related or Unrelated Renal Transplant
  • Deceased brain dead donor (Cadaver) Renal Transplant
  • ABO-incompatible ( Blood group mismatch ) Renal Transplant
  • Renal Transplant in highly sensitized recipients – multiple blood transfusions, women with a history of multiple children and miscarriages, prior transplants etc.

Expert procedures performed at CMRI (Seldom performed in Eastern India)

  • Renal transplants in Paediatric patients below 15kgs weight
  • Post-transplant reconstructive Urological Procedures
  • Augmentation cystoplasty in dysfunctional urinary Bladder in adults and children
  • Bladder clinic for children with dysfunctional urinary bladder


Urology is a specialized unit of the Department of Renal Sciences that deals with diseases, ailments and malignancies related to the urinary tract and various organs associated with it. These include the kidneys, the ureters, the adrenal glands, the bladder and the urethra. Our expert urologists also specialize in the management of conditions related to the male reproductive tract, which involves problems related to fertility, prostate, epididymis, vas deferens and seminal vesicles. The expertise of our team is backed by years of clinical excellence and cutting-edge innovations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Laser Surgery for Stone and Prostate HOLEP
  • Urinary Stone Management via procedures like ESWL, PCNL, MINIPERC and RIRS
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Uro – Oncology
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Urinary Incontinence Surgery

Treatment and Surgeries

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