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COMPLETE ANDCOMPREHENSIVE Cardiac Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Department Of Cardiac Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

At BM Birla Heart Research Centre, cardiac treatment without rehabilitation is incomplete. Our focus is not only on treating illness, but also on helping patients lead a healthier life. BM Birla Heart Research Centre has long been a symbol of trust and patient choice, with a reputation for being the safest one-stop shop for all heart problems. We have a team of experts dedicated to provide state-of-the-art methods for the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with severe heart problems. 

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation form a crucial and integral part of the treatment, that primarily focus on providing specialized attention to the patients who have been admitted to the CCU, offering a personalized yet comprehensive approach for helping them make their heart healthier. 

Our expert physiotherapists are fully trained to deliver unparalleled care to the patients, with strict adherence to stringent quality benchmarks. Rehabilitation programs at BM Birla Heart Research Centre not only focuses on the speedy and hassle-free recovery of the patients but also on improving lives with best in class care and guidance. 

Areas of expertise

Fully equipped to handle patients undergoing complex procedures like CABG and PTCA, the department has qualified and trained physiotherapists, offering round the clock, robust care to the patients suffering from the following conditions:

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is an important part of any medical treatment that offers a wide gamut of activities that help to frame the best physical, mental and social environment, aiming at the holistic well-being of the patients. The aim of rehabilitation is to help you get back to a normal life, as well as to improve various abilities that have been drastically Impacted by an ailment or condition. 

Rehabilitation is broadly classified into four phases:

  • Phase I is the acute face that lasts for around two weeks
  • Phase II is the convalescent phase that lasts from the 2nd to 6th week
  • Phase III is the exercise training phase that starts in the 6th week and lasts up to 12th week. 
  • Phase IV is the Maintenance phase

How can rehabilitation help you?

  • Rehabilitation focuses on the physical conditioning of the patience for the resumption of customary activities and enhancing the functional capacity of the patient
  • As some treatments can leave you mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, rehabilitation offers psychological support to patients during the recovery phase
  • Physiotherapy focuses on educating the patients and your family members about the condition, by teaching and reinforcing health behaviour that can help to improve your prognosis
  • Physiotherapy helps to relieve the symptoms and elevate the risks of cardiac morbidity
  • Physiotherapy can also help you identify and address various risk factors that play a vital role in the progression of heart disease
  • Physiotherapy works on optimizing physical conditioning, thereby facilitating return to your normal day to day activities, both occupational and vocational. 

Why choose BM Birla Heart Research Centre?

  • A dedicated team of doctors, physiotherapists and nursing staff
  • Personalized approach for better outcomes
  • 24/7 availability
  • Strict quality benchmarks
  • New age rehabilitation modalities
  • Up to the minute services 
  • Uncompromised care and guidance

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