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Department Of Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is the new advancement in the treatment of various medical conditions that were once treated by open surgery involving large incisions to access the internal body system. In this upcoming approach, the ailments are treated with the help of minimally invasive techniques that are guided by images. When compared to the open surgical techniques, minimally invasive treatments show numerous benefits like reduced pain or discomfort, speedy recovery, and less risk of complications. 

The Department of Interventional radiology at CMRI Hospital comprises the diagnostic laboratories wherein advanced imaging methods are used such as X-rays, fluoroscopy, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), High-Resolution Ultrasound, and Computer tomography (CT) scans. This unit of the hospital can successfully diagnose and treat complex medical conditions including cancer and cardiovascular disease with less invasiveness and unusual precision. Moreover, it provides all non-vascular and vascular interventions and modern digital mammography, Colour Doppler services, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy facilities for breasts, vascular disorders, and infertility. 

The mission of the department is to keep patient care and interest on the top and provide them with all medical aid round-the-clock. This is possible by the highly experienced team of dedicated doctors along with a professional paramedical group. 

Why chose CMRI for Interventional Radiology Treatment in Kolkata?

  • Best team of doctors
  • Offer holistic approach and expert care
  • Provide individualized care
  •  International level of care
  • Proper follow-up post-treatments
  • Emergency care (24x7)
  • Safe & hygienic operating rooms
  • Proper analysis of the patient’s condition

Services provided by CMRI Interventional Radiology Department in Kolkata, Best Multispecialty Hospital in India.

Some of the different medical conditions and treatment that are taken care of by the department of interventional radiology includes:

  • Kidney disease: With advanced therapies, kidney patients have medical assistance from interventionalists who can make better kidney functioning along with cancer treatments.  
  • Liver disease: The interventionalists teamwork in coordination to provide advanced therapies for all liver problems including its malignancy.
  • Vascular disease, Varicose veins, and Vascular malformations: This includes the Vascular Anomalies Center that provides customized treatment plans for treating rare cases of vascular malformations. Moreover, the twisted and enlarged veins (varicose veins) are treated with less recovery time by decreasing the blood pressure inside the veins.  
  • Men and Women health: All the health services available for men and women are provided under this roof including routine diagnostic tests, in-depth consultations, arterial or vein-related disorders, and infertility.
  • Stroke: In this unit, the blood flow is restored using advanced therapies that were blocked due to a blood clot in the brain. 
  • Gastrointestinal: This includes the use of non-invasive imaging techniques for treating gastrointestinal conditions. 
  •  Infertility: The patients of both genders who have fertility issues and do not want general anesthesia and hospitalization for surgical procedures are treated under this unit. Selective salpingography and varicocele embolization are the two procedures commonly performed. 
  • Dialysis Access treatments: For kidney patients, interventional radiologists have made possible dialysis through a portal created in the bloodstream below the skin epidermis. 
  • Central Venous Access: This includes the placement of catheters or ports in the central venous line to make easy the transfer of medications, blood transfusions, dialysis, cancer treatments, and nutrition.  
  • Pediatrics: The team of interventionists also deals with the illnesses of infants, children, and teenagers intending to provide the best care to them and satisfy their parents.  
  • Biliary interventions: The department provides compassionate caring space from our experts for patients having gallstones and damage or blockages of bile duct passages. 
  • Arterial vascular disease: All the patients having heart disease including damaged arteries, calcium blockages, and blood clots that obstruct the blood flow from the heart to different body parts are treated by a team of interventionists using advanced therapies to prevent stroke or heart attacks.  
  • Trauma and bleeding: The motto is to be able to treat traumatized individuals with massive bleeding, to prevent excessive blood loss during surgery, and to control hemorrhage after giving birth using embolization techniques. 
  • Cancer therapies: The aim is to be able to diagnose and treat cancer patients with innovative techniques, thereby allowing their long-term quality survival.

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