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Department Of Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a medical specialty that involves using procedures like minimal invasiveness instructed by imaging methods like CT Scans, X-rays, and ultrasound. These techniques help in diagnosing and treating several conditions. With interventional radiology procedures, the requirement for conventional surgeries is eliminated to a huge extent. IR procedures ensure quicker recovery and decline risks for patients. It is often used for different tasks such as embolization, image-guided biopsies, and angioplasty. 

The Department of Interventional Radiology at BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Kolkata entails diagnostic labs that involve imaging techniques like MRI, X-rays, CT scans, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound. These methods help our healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating intricate medical conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. The procedures are performed with minimally invasive techniques and complete precision. The primary aim of this department is keeping patient care prioritizing the interest and offering them all the clinical and exceptional care. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors ensuring the best diagnosis and treatment.

Services offered by BM Birla Heart Research Center in the Interventional Radiology Department

We have a comprehensive range of services under interventional radiology department that includes:

  • Vascular disease and vascular malformations- These involve the vascular illnesses for which we offer personalized treatment plans. These plans treat vascular malformations with quick recovery time and reduce blood pressure.
  • Stroke- It included the restoration of blood flow blocked because of a blood clot in the brain using advanced therapies.
  • Men's and women's health- We offer all the health-related facilities and services under one roof. In this unit, we have consultations, vein-related diseases, and arterial illnesses. 
  • Gastrointestinal- This service involves using imaging methods that are minimally invasive to treat problems related to gastrointestinal.
  • Central venous access- It entails the catheter’s placement in the central venous line that helps in making blood transfusion, medication transfer, cancer treatments, dialysis, and nutrition easier.
  • Pediatrics- Our qualified team of interventional radiology helps in treating disorders and illnesses of children, infants, and teenagers. They ensure the most exceptional care and fulfill the needs of their parents.
  • Arterial vascular disease- Patients with heart diseases like damaged arteries, blood clots, and calcium blockages restrict the blood flow from the heart to varied parts. These problems are treated by a skilled team of interventionists with the use of advanced therapies to avert the risk of heart attacks or stroke.
  • Angiography- This is performed to evaluate the heart’s blood flow through contrast dye by visualizing blood vessels.
  • Angioplasty and stent placement- This service involves the treatment of narrowed and blocked arteries through balloon inflation and stent placement to keep the vessel open.
  • Embolization- Our healthcare providers help in treating conditions such as unusual blood vessel growth or managing bleeding due to blocked blood vessels.
  • Thrombolysis-This service involves blood clots dissolving causing heart-related problems.
  • Inferior Vena Cava filter placement- It involves the filter placement in the large vein returning blood to the heart to avert conditions like pulmonary embolism.

Why should you choose the Interventional Radiology Department at BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Kolkata?

BM Birla Heart Research Centre is a super specialty hospital with modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology in Kolkata. BM Birla Heart Research Centre is a hospital offering super specialty interventional care in the entire Eastern India. With a 200+ bed capacity, cardiac care, interventional radiology services, cath labs, and modular OTs, BM Birla Heart Research Centre has made a mark with its singular focus on the treatment of a variety of ailments. Here are a few advantages of choosing BM Birla Heart Research Centre’s interventional radiology department in Kolkata -

  • Highly qualified and experienced interventionist 
  • Cutting-edge technology and the latest medical equipment
  • Transparent pricing structure for cost-effective treatment. 
  • Patient-centric high-quality care for a high success rate

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