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Kidney Transplant

What is a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is a procedure performed to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy one from a donor. It is among the most common surgeries done to treat conditions like kidney failure.

The transplant usually is placed depending on the location of the diseased kidney like the lower right or left side. The kidney replacement might come from a living donor or a departed organ donor. Kidney donors are cautiously evaluated to ensure that they are the right match to prevent complications.

Why is a kidney transplantation procedure done?

Kidney transplantation also known as renal transplant is done to treat kidney failure. Patients are put through the treatment of dialysis when their kidneys stop working. Dialysis treatment is a process that involves filtering waste from the blood mechanically and is a substitute for kidneys to perform the job that they cannot.

It is primarily needed for people with more than 90% of kidney failure. All in all, kidney transplantation is performed for people with chronic kidney disease or end-stage kidney illness.

What conditions can result in kidney transplant surgery?

There are various conditions that may result in kidney transplantation:

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure cause kidney failure
  • Lupus and immune system disease
  • Obstructions
  • Hemolytic uremic syndrome
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Polycystic kidney disease and other inherited disorders
  • Recurrent urinary infections

What happens during a kidney transplant procedure?

Kidney transplant surgery follows the process of placing a healthy kidney into the patient’s body. It can perform all the functions that a diseased kidney is not able to perform. The placement is initiated on the abdomen’s left side or the lower side where it is connected to the blood vessels surgically. It allows the doctor to place the kidney in this position easily. They are connected to the bladder and blood vessels.

Further, following the kidney transplant process the vein and artery of new kidneys are connected to the patient’s vein and artery. The surgery is finally performed by attaching the kidney’s ureter so that it passes urine out of the body.

What happens after a kidney transplant surgery?

After a kidney transplant, patients are required to spend around three days in the hospital. During this period, the medical team can monitor the patient and ensure they are recovering well. The newly transplanted kidney starts functioning right away or there may be a requirement for temporary dialysis. The patient is asked to start taking medications so that the immune system accepts the newly transplanted kidney.

What are some things patients should do to take care of during recovery?

A patient needs to follow the instructions given by the doctor. Here are some aftercare tips:

  •  Don’t lift heavy objects for around six to eight weeks
  •  Don’t get yourself involved in strenuous physical work
  •  Begin with stretching and light exercises
  •  Try avoiding contact sports
  • Don’t drive for around six to eight weeks after surgery

Why should you choose the Rukmani Birla Hospital kidney transplantation procedure?

Rukmani Birla Hospital in Jaipur offers multispecialty healthcare services to its patients with the utmost compassion and best care. We are among the best kidney transplant hospitals in India. We have departments for every health condition and renal sciences are among them incorporated with the best kidney transplant doctors in India.
The team of expert doctors assists patients experiencing renal disease and regaining lives with cutting-edge technology and the best treatment. Our renal sciences department is well-known for its high-quality care. We offer treatment for a comprehensive range of medical conditions like female and male urology, congenital urological illness, kidney stones, and other varied range of renal conditions. Here is why you must choose us:

  • Conventional haemodialysis
  • Bedside haemodialysis for patients in the intensive care unit
  • Separate dialysis stations for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C patients
  • Engages in diagnosing and treating various diseases associated with kidney
  • Hygienic operating rooms
  • Affordable treatment
  • State-of-the-art acute care facilities
  • Emergency care
  • OPD, IPD, and critical care units


How much does kidney transplant cost in India?

The average kidney transplant cost in India ranges between 5-6 lacs and it can increase up to 8 lacs depending on the conditions and other factors. The cost comprises pre-transplant assessment, surgery, and post-transplant recovery time.

How to register for a kidney transplant in India?


In India, an individual can register on the website of hospitals doing kidney transplants with their required
information requesting for login name and password. Once they receive the password and other details, the patient is checked to know if he/she is healthy enough for a transplant. If there is no donor available, the person is placed on the waiting list.

Do kidney transplants work?

A kidney transplant is the treatment of choice to treat conditions like kidney failure when compared with a 
lifetime on dialysis. It helps an individual with a diseased kidney to lead a better and healthy life. Kidney
transplants offer a better quality of life.

How to get a kidney transplant faster?

The average wait for a kidney transplant is usually around three to six months only if a potential living donor
has been found. This is a faster process than getting a kidney transplanted from a deceased donor. During these months, the patient and living donor will have to go through numerous tests.


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