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Case - Peripheral Angioplasty Report

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Case - Peripheral Angioplasty Report

Cardiac Sciences | Posted on 01/19/2023 by RBH

Table of Contents

Case Overview

Mr. Jugal Kishor visited Rukmani Birla Hospital diagnosed with coronary artery disease condition (CAD). The Pre-Cath diagnosis of Mr. Jugal was assessed and it was found that he has CAD- Post PTCA- Right Subclavian to axillary interposition grafting (6mm PTFE) with Embolectomy Right Below Elbow Amputation.

Case Procedure

After assessing his conditions, Our Cardiologist initiated the treatment for CAD immediately. The Subclavian artery was engaged with a 5F Vert diagnostic catheter. The lesion was crossed with Sion Wire and exchanged with Amplatz stiff wire. The lesion was dilated with a 3.0 x 12mm balloon at 12 atm. & 4.0 x 12mm balloon at 12 atm. Further, there was positioning of the 8.0 x 80mm Fluency Plus Self Expanding Stent. It was deployed in the Subclavian artery. Lastly, the doctors initiated the final angiogram and it reflected the successful results of PTA + subclavian artery.