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Robotic Cardiac Surgery

What is Robotic Cardiac Surgery?

Robotic cardiac surgery is a cutting-edge surgical approach combining the accuracy and agility of robots with the knowledge and experience of cardiac surgeons to initiate complex cardiac surgeries. When compared to traditional open-heart surgery, this method has a number of benefits, such as fewer incisions, less pain, quicker recovery periods, etc. 

A number of cardiac procedures like atrial fibrillation ablation, mitral valve replacement or repair, atrial septal defect closure, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), are initiated with the use of robotic cardiac surgery. In addition, it might be utilized for certain complex surgeries, specifically those involving patients who are more susceptible to open heart surgery.

Traditional and Robotic Cardiac Surgery

The following are some of the main differences between traditional and robotic cardiac surgery:

  • Surgical technique: While traditional surgery is carried out by creating a larger incision and using specialized instruments, robotic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery involves smaller incisions.
  • Visualization: In contrast to traditional surgery, which involves the surgeon making direct contact with the patient's body, robotic surgery provides the surgeon with clear, three-dimensional, high-definition images.
  • Precision and dexterity: While performing surgeries, a robotic system offers greater precision and dexterity than a traditional surgical procedure, which may involve handheld equipment that provides less of both. 
  • Blood loss- In robotic cardiac surgery, there is minimal blood loss whereas in traditional cardiac surgery, it might lead to more blood loss.
  • Recovery time- In traditional cardiac surgery, recovery time is longer when compared to robotic cardiac surgery. 
  • Postoperative pain- Robotic cardiac surgery doesn’t cause much pain in comparison to traditional surgery.

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery 

Here are some of the benefits offered by robotic-assisted surgery:

  • Increased flexibility, precision, and control
  • 3D high-definition images of the surgical site
  • Less of risk of requiring follow-up surgery 
  • Less hospital stay 
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Reduced risk of shifting to traditional surgery 
  • Reduced hand tremors
  • Less risk of blood loss

Myths and Facts of Robotic Surgery 

Here are some of the popular myths and facts linked to robotic surgery:



Robotic surgery is completely autonomous and doesn’t need human involvement. 

Robotic surgery is not autonomous. The robotic system is controlled by a surgeon. It can increase their efficiency but cannot replace the surgeons.

Robotic surgery is a risk and experimental approach.

No, it is not. Robotic surgery is a widely practiced surgical procedure with successful outcomes

Robotic procedure is the best method for bariatric surgeries. 

Choosing between traditional and robotic entirely depends on various factors such as surgeon experience, the patient’s medical condition, and the particular surgery type. 

Robotic surgery is very expensive for most patients 

While there are higher initial equipment costs, it is still becoming popular and insurance servicers usually cover the cost for eligible patients.

Robotic cardiac surgery is not safe

It is one of the most effective and safest surgical procedures and involves smaller incisions, minimal blood loss, less pain, fast recovery, etc. 

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