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COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE Gynecologic Robotic Surgery

Gynecologic Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery for gynecology is a recent advancement in minimally invasive surgery methods. This new technology helps seasoned gynecological surgeons handle a variety of disorders affecting a woman’s reproductive organs with the use of a small robotic system-controlled device and a thin, illuminated scope.

What is Gynecologic Robotic Surgery?

Robot-assisted gynecological surgery is thought to be the most successful treatment option suited for delicate surgical operations. The surgeon can operate with more control and accuracy by making a few small 1-2 cm incisions. A quick recovery and superior clinical results are more likely since the danger associated with a big incision is significantly lower.

How does the robotic system work?

A fully active fourth-generation robotic technology helps scale up the traditional surgical approach to an enhanced robotic surgical technique. The robotic system:

  • Conducts the procedure under the supervision of an experienced surgeon.
  • Offers precision and dexterity in cutting and milling.
  • Enhances the procedure by ensuring maximum accuracy.
  • Prevents causes and incidence of repeat surgery.

What are the key features of the robotic system?

Some of the key features of robotic gynecological surgery are:

  • Smaller abdominal incisions are sufficient for the robotic arms and tiny surgical instruments used in gynecologic robotic surgery.
  • The four robotic arms are all wristed, in contrast to conventional minimally invasive surgical equipment. Two serve as the surgeon’s arms, one has a high-resolution 3-D magnification camera, and a fourth arm is optional and used to hold back tissue.
  • The surgeon can get a panoramic image, correct depth of field, and improved detail thanks to the camera.
  • The robotic hands precisely replicate the surgeon’s hand movements, reducing hand tremors and scaling as needed.
  • The surgical console’s ergonomics also help to lessen surgeon fatigue.
  • Seated at the console near the patient, the surgeon controls the robotic arms remotely.
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques use smooth effortless motions of the dextrous robotic arms.

How is Gynae Robotic Surgery performed?

Here are some of the robotic gynecological surgeries that help in treating several gynecological disorders:

  • Lymphadenectomy
  • Resection of endometriosis
  • Oophorectomy or ovarian cystectomy.
  • Surgery for gynaecological cancer
  • Sacrocolpopexy: surgical correction of vaginal vault prolapse
  • Myomectomy: a procedure to remove uterine fibroids
  • Hysterectomy (benign or cancerous) i.e. removal of the uterus
  • Additional procedures include Burch colposuspension, recto vaginopexy, vesicovaginal repair, and cervical cerclage.

The Planning:

- Patients must make an informed decision after thorough counseling with the surgeon regarding the procedure.

- The medical team performs necessary investigative procedures of the specific surgical area to help develop a comprehensive surgical plan.

The Execution:

- Patient Connection and Stabilization: The patient is connected to the robotic system and prepared for surgery.

- Surgical Port Insertion: Surgical ports are inserted into the patient, aligning them to provide a 3D view on the surgeon's camera console.

- Robotic Arm Operation: The surgeon, situated at their console, operates the robotic arms, while the AI replicates these movements on the patient end.

- The robotic system reviews the ongoing procedure and collaborates with the surgeon to execute precise cuts using the robotic arm.

This comprehensive approach ensures that patients undergo a well-planned and meticulously executed gynae robotic surgery, promoting both precision and a swift recovery.

Advantages of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery?

There are several advantages to gynecologic robotic surgery, including:

  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Quicker recovery and return to work
  • More precise surgery
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less scarring
  • Less postoperative pain and discomfort
  • Decreased need for transfusions and blood loss

Why do surgeons prefer Robotic Surgeries?

A Robotic System is a fully automated, active technology. It offers multiple benefits to both the surgeon and the patient. It is the most advanced surgical equipment and the benefits of this robotic system can be summarised as:

  • Possibility of doing surgery in constrained bodily areas
  • Better visualization with HD magnified 3D imaging superior to the naked eye.
  • Greater precision with minimized human errors using robotic arms.

Why choose us?

The CK Birla Hospital in Jaipur offers gynecologic robotic surgery, which uses cutting-edge surgical techniques to enhance your quality of life. Surgeons may now perform crucial procedures with ease, flexibility, accuracy, and precision thanks to the newest breakthroughs in technology, which also provide the greatest clinical outcomes.

 Highlights of Robotic Surgery

  • Multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Innovation-driven healthcare solutions.
  • Fast and comprehensive recovery.
  • World-class physiotherapy support.
  • End-to-end rehabilitation support post-surgery as applicable.


Are robot-assisted surgery and laparoscopy the same?

No. Although both are minimally invasive procedures, laparoscopic procedures involve the surgeon working with tools and instruments in hand.

Whereas, in robot-assisted surgery, the surgeon gets to use a console and 3D monitor to control the robotic arms that perform the surgery, which offers greater flexibility and range of motion.

Robotic surgery is performed by a robot or surgeon?

The entire procedure is performed by a human using a robotic arm. This means the entire surgery is within the surgeon’s control. Sitting at a console in the operation theatre, the surgeon directs the robotic arms to carry out the procedure. A video camera records the surgery in real time, providing the surgeon with an enhanced view of the operating area.

Should robot-assisted surgery be avoided in case of complications?

No. While each case will depend on the patient’s condition and the body’s capacity to sustain a surgery, in complex, hard-to-reach and delicate cases with greater complications surgeons prefer robotic-assisted surgery. Compared to a human arm, robotic arms have a greater range of motion and flexibility, which guarantees excellent precision and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

Does Robotic Surgery eliminate the need for a real surgeon?

No, throughout the whole surgery, the surgeon maintains control of the surgical system. Despite enabling the surgeon to do more accurate hand and wrist motions, the robot is not capable of carrying out surgery by itself.

Can any surgeon perform a robot-assisted surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgeries have a different set of tools and controls compared to other minimally invasive surgeries. They require specialized equipment and trained medical professionals. At the CK Birla Hospital, Jaipur, we have a team of experienced and qualified robotic surgeons who do this with exceptionally good surgical outcomes.

How is Robotic Gynae Surgery Effective for Myomectomy?

The robotic method allows surgeons to remove many myomas of different sizes. This aids in the removal of myomas and the suturing of uterine defects in unusual places. Robot-assisted intracapsular myomectomy protects the surrounding nerves from fibroids, ensuring

  • reduced adhesion,
  • improved myometrial repair, and
  • successful postoperative healing.

The surgeon can see the surgery site more clearly because of the enhanced three-dimensional magnified vision, ambidexterity, and tremor-free endo-wrist motions to perform even the most difficult surgeries with improved control, dexterity, and precision.

Is Robotic Surgery Better for Hysterectomy?

Your doctor could choose a robotically assisted hysterectomy for a uterus removal over an open procedure, among other reasons because the incisions required will be smaller. You could recover from surgery more quickly, have less discomfort, and spend less time in the hospital.

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