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CK Birla Hospitals does not ask for any payment for appointment confirmation. Please beware of fake calls asking for such payments and if you receive such a call, please report this to legal authorities or the cyber cell.


Stomach Infection

What is a stomach infection?

Stomach infection is a common health condition and can be of various kinds including typhoid, food poisoning, etc. A common type of stomach infection is viral gastroenteritis which is an intestinal infection causing inflammation and irritation. Stomach infection causes issues like vomiting, diarrhoea and other symptoms such as fever and nausea. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are the primary causes of stomach infections.

The most common source of stomach infection is consuming contaminated water or food. If you are healthy, chances are you will recover without experiencing any complications. However, stomach infections can be dangerous for infants, older people and individuals with a weak immune system.

Prevention is the best cure as there is no effective treatment except symptom management.

What are the types of stomach infections?

There are three types of stomach infections which includes:

Stomach infection symptoms

The symptoms of a stomach infection are the same in general, however, they might vary in terms of severity. Here are some of the symptoms that you tend to have during a stomach infection: 

It is important to know that stomach infections or gastrointestinal issues begin suddenly and last for less than a week, though they might continue longer.

Stomach infection causes

One of the primary stomach infection causes is contaminated food and water. People who eat or drink contaminated food or water are most likely to get stomach infections. They are also susceptible to contract gastroenteritis if they share towels, food or utensils with someone who already has viruses causing the condition.

There are several viruses that causes stomach infections such as:

When to see a doctor

In majority of the cases, there may be no serious symptoms in people if they have stomach infection. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor if symptoms like abdomen pain, high fever, diarrhoea for more than two days, black stools, frequent vomiting, and change in mental state are experienced.

There are people who are at risk of complications if they have stomach infection. These people are individuals with weak immune systems, older adults, children, and pregnant women.

Stomach infection diagnosis

The doctor will diagnose stomach infection depending on an individual’s symptoms. First, he/she will start with a physical exam to understand the causes and the severity of the condition. The healthcare expert will recommend some tests for ruling out the probability of other diseases. Here are the tests that doctor might order:

Stomach infection treatment

No specific clinical treatment is there for stomach infection and antibiotics are also not effective against viruses. Stomach infection treatment involves self care measures such as staying hydrated, lifestyle and home remedies, etc.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Here is how stomach infection can be treated with some lifestyle and home remedies:

Treatment for infants and children

If your child has a stomach infection, the most important aim is replacing salts and lost fluids. Here is what you can do for your child:

Stomach infection prevention

Stomach infections usually are highly contagious, but there are some steps you can take to prevent it from spreading. Here is what you can do:

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How common is stomach infection?

Stomach infection is one of the most common health conditions. According to a study, approximately 20 million people experience stomach-related illnesses every year with an intestinal upset. Viruses are found to be the most common cause of stomach infections.


Is stomach infection contagious?

Yes, stomach infections are highly contagious. Hence, it is important to avoid touching a surface that might have germs. You can easily contract the virus through contaminated food and water, so make sure to avoid drinking or eating anything that is contaminated. Try to avoid coming in contact with someone who already has a stomach infection.

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