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Why do you need shoulder replacement surgery?

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Why do you need shoulder replacement surgery?

Posted on 06/21/2022 by RBH

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The shoulder is an important joint as it helps in doing a lot of work. Any kind of pain in the shoulder or damage might affect the quality of life. The joint present in the shoulder is basically a ball and the socket joint that allows the movement of the upper arm that has a round head which is the ball that  enters the shallow socket of the shoulder and helps in the round movement of the shoulder. Therefore, any damage in the joint may cause stiffness and weakness, and it might cause severe pain especially in lifting heavy objects and major movement of the joint. If there is no relief from the pain even after medication, therapy, and physiotherapy then shoulder replacement may be the only option left. In Shoulder replacement surgery the Orthopaedic surgeon removes the damaged bone and tissues and then replaces them with an implant that may be made up of metal, ceramics or fiber; this type of surgery is also known as shoulder arthroplasty. There are different types and sizes of shoulder implants that are available; further, a person can go for partial or total shoulder implants based on the severity of the condition and the requirement.

Why is it required?

As mentioned above, Shoulder replacement surgery is done in order to relieve the patient from excruciating pain and other symptoms that result in damage of the shoulder joint. There are several conditions that cause damage to the shoulder joint; some of these conditions might include:

Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for shoulder replacement surgery as it causes a lot of wear and tear due to arthritis that damages the cartilage that generally covers the ends of the bones and helps in the smooth movement of the joint.

Fractures that are caused due to an injury accident or sports injury usually require shoulder replacement surgery. In case of fractures, the upper end of the humerus required replacement and fixation for which implants are used.

Rotator cuff injury is caused due to severe damage in the rotator cuff is basically a group of muscles and tendons that surrounds the shoulder joint. It is required when the damage to the cartilage and the bone in the shoulder.

Osteonecrosis is a shoulder condition that affects the flow of blood in the humerus due to which the bone gets starved of blood and collapses; in such conditions shoulder replacement surgery becomes important.

Inflammatory disorder and rheumatoid arthritis are caused due to an overactive immune system that causes inflammation in various joints similarly if the shoulder joint is affected by it then it leads to damage of the cartilage and bone that require replacement in severe cases.

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