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Case - Intestinal Cocoon Case Report

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Case - Intestinal Cocoon Case Report

Gastro Science | Posted on 01/19/2023 by RBH

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Recently, a 59-year-man admitted to our hospital was experiencing symptoms like recurring abdominal pain and vomiting. Our expert doctor B.D. Soni was his treating doctor and after diagnosing the condition it was evaluated that he had an intestinal cocoon.


Intestinal cocoon is a rare abdominal condition which causes obstruction in the intestines, and abdominal cocoon. The patient after observing his symptoms was diagnosed with intestinal cocoon and gastrointestinal perforation which is rare. Dr. B.D. Soni, his treating doctor after assessing his condition with radiological imaging to find a preoperative diagnosis, recommended surgery. The surgery was performed to remove the cocoon and it was successfully done. The patient is completely healthy and fine post-surgery.