Why choose us
Why choose us

Delivering global standards of clinical excellence

Our commitment to delivering high-quality care inspires our decision making. Our team adheres to international and national protocols and policies, including those adapted from the UK's NHS guidelines to ensure clinically reliable and safe healthcare delivery. Our team of nationally & internationally recognised clinicians are considered as leaders in their field.

Integrity in healthcare delivery

We partner with you to consistently maintain integrity in healthcare delivery across our services. Our care team and support staff provide compassionate care with the purpose of bringing transparency into your healthcare plan.

A promise of trust, empathy & continuity of care

Our patients are at the heart of what we do. Our caregivers are always willing to go the extra mile for you and promote trust by upholding ethical behaviour in all our actions. We offer professional, compassionate care delivered with warmth, responsiveness and sensitivity.

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Meet our doctors
Meet our doctors


Why Are Blood Vessels Important?

Blood vessels are tubular structures or channels responsible for carrying out blood throughout the body. The tubular structures in the blood vessels that produce the circulatory system part.

Heartburn: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Heartburn is a painful and burning sensation in the heart or middle of the chest. However, it is not the heart but the stomach that causes this problem.

Essential Tremors: A Guide to Understanding and Treating Them 

Essential tremor is among the common trembling disorder experienced by everyone, but they go unnoticed as they cannot be felt. When the symptoms are noticeable, then it is determined as an essential tremor.

Understanding Eating Disorders: Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Eating disorders are one of the grave, intricate, and mental health problems affecting the emotional well-being and physical health of a person. People who have this disorder develop an unhealthy association with food, weight, and the way they look.

Robotic Surgery v/s Traditional Surgery: Which is Better?

Robotic surgery has evolved as a revolutionary progression in the medical field, presenting several benefits when compared to traditional surgery. The discussion over which is a better method continues as both of them have their own pros and cons.

रोबोटिक कोलोरेक्टल सर्जरी: आधुनिक तकनीक का परिचय

रोबोटिक कोलोरेक्टल सर्जरी को समझने से पहले हमें यह समझना होगा कि कोलोरेक्टल सर्जरी क्या है। कोलोरेक्टल सर्जरी गुदा रोग की सर्जरी है, जिसमें सर्जन कोलन, मलाशय और गुदा के रोगों का इलाज करते हैं।
Chairperson's Message
Chairperson's Message

At the CK Birla Group, the winds of change are creating tremendous opportunities for all stakeholders. I see this as the next step in an exciting 150-year journey, and I am proud that the CK Birla Group has faithfully carried forward the legacy of the Birla family. Year after year, we have created value for customers, partners, our people, and communities. We have also built enviable capabilities in engineering, technology, and manufacturing.

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