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Dr. Sanjeeb Roy

Dr. Sanjeeb Roy


Department: Cardiology

Experience: 26+ Years

About Dr. Sanjeeb Roy

Dr. Sanjeeb Roy is the Director Cardiology at Rukmani Birla Hospital, Jaipur. His core expertise in cardiology is complex coronary intervention, palque management (rotational, laser and orbital atherectomy and use of IVL), imaging (IVUS and OCT) and physiology (FFR and NHPR). He is rightly equipped in terms of knowledge and holds rich experience. He also has expertize on non-coronary interventions with strutural and peripheral interventions, management of rhythm disorders with pacemaker and AICD, and CRT-D implantations for heart failure management. He has been part of various teaching assignments and proctorship programs for complex coronary interventions. He has several publications in journals and textbooks to his credit.


  • MD (Internal Medicine)
  • DM (Interventional Cardiology)
  • FACC (Fellow,American College of cardiology)
  • FESC (Fellow European Society of Cardiology)

Work & Experience

26+ Years of Experience


  • Dealing with the cases of bifurcation lesions, chronic total occlusions, left main interventions, multi-vessel angioplasty and small vessel interventions.
  • Performing antegrade dissection and re-entry technique and retrograde technique in totally occluded lesions.
  • Performing atherectomy with eluting ballooning for SFA and PA lesions in peripheral interventions.
  • Structural heart and Valvular disease (closure of septal defects, ducts or fistulas, valvotomies, LAA occlusions),
  • Device implantations (PPI - pacemakers, ICD - defibrillators, CRT - resynchronization devices)
  • Aortic stenting (EVAR)
  • Peripheral interventions.
  • Imaging (IVUS and OCT) and Physiology (FFR and NHPR).
  • RDN ( Renal Denervation) for management of uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Honours Awards

  • Young Achiever Award: presented by Indian Medical Association, Jaipur Chapter, and Medical Private Practitioners Association, 2010
  • Best Three Cases Presented Award. Complex PCI Case. INDIA LIVE 2010. New Delhi, Feb 2010
  • Honour and recognition at various public and social events at various platforms in events organised by various societies and NGOs across Rajasthan

Research Publications

  • Awarded best Case presentation (Complex PCI). INDIA LIVE 2010, New Delhi, Feb, 2010 (awarded the best three cases)
  • Case presentation (Left main PCI). TCT Asia Pacific, Seoul, South Korea. Apr 2010.
  • Case presentation (Complication during challenging case). TCT Asia Pacific, Seoul, South Korea. Apr 2011
  • Choice of DES specific to clinical setting. 7th India Radial Blitz & 2nd World Radial Meet. Gurgaon, Sep 2011
  • Chronic Total Occlusion: Two challenging cases presented, CROSS ROADS. Mumbai, Aug 2012
  • Pharmacological management of chronic heart failure. ISC conference. Udaipur, Sep 2012
  • Controversial Case Review Session – Why, When and How? Ostial LCX lesion. AICT (Asian Interventional Cardiovascular Therapeutics). Gurgaon, Oct 2012
  • Management of Pulmonary Hypertension – Bench to bedside – State of art management for various aetiologies. Conference at Indore. Dec 2012
  • Case Presentation: Challenges in use of BVS. LUMEN AMI, 2013. New Delhi, Jan 2013
  • Case Presentation: Use of BVS in off-label indication – Bifurcation stenting. INDIA LIVE 2013, Chennai, Feb 2013
  • Case Presentation: Multi-vessel PCI: Two cases. INDIA LIVE 2013, Chennai, Feb 2013
  • Expectation from JNC 8. ACC meeting organised by Pfizer India. New Delhi, Sep 2013
  • Acute coronary syndrome: Paradigm shift in management based on changes in guidelines (ACC/AHA 2013, ESC 2012). CME Medicine Udaipur 2013, organised by Department of Medicine and APICON 86 Trust. Oct 2013
  • Challenging Case session: Rota with multiple bio-absorbable scaffold deployment in Calcified Long Lesion in Left Anterior Descending artery. Case accepted for presentation (Poster and laptop) at TCT 2013. San Francisco, Oct 2013
  • Experience with BVS – Presentation at BVS Conclave; Dec 2013
  • Management of Heart Failure. Invited lecture at API-DIAS (Dissemination of Updated Information through API Speakers). API JAIPUR Chapter Society. Jaipur, Dec 2013
  • Bifurcation Lesions: Classification and techniques, hardware selection, limitations. Invited lecture, for audience of young Interventional Cardiologists. MEDtronic Training and Education Program on Complex Procedures for Interventional Cardiologists. Mumbai, Jan 2014
  • Chronic Total Occlusion – Hardware and wires, selection criteria and challenges faced during procedure. Invited lecture, for audience of young Interventional Cardiologists. MEDtronic Training and Education Program on Complex Procedures for Interventional Cardiologists. Mumbai, Jan 2014

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