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Treatment for Low-grade Glioma | Amit Chakrabarty

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Treatment for Low-grade Glioma | Amit Chakrabarty

Neurosciences | Posted on 12/21/2022 by RBH

A 31-year-old patient, Sarita (name changed) was experiencing extreme headaches which became unbearable after some time. Her family members explained how she was facing difficulty comprehending their words and even expressing herself clearly. 

During the course of time, her condition became worse as she began experiencing frequent vomiting, chronic headaches, and weakness on the right side of her body including her arms and legs. She consulted Amit Chakrabarty, additional director - Neurosurgery, at Rukmani Birla Hospital, Jaipur. Dr Chakrabarty has an experience of more than 18 years in performing complex neurosurgeries. 

Upon diagnosis, it was found that Sarita had a tumour on the left side of the brain which was hampering her quality of life. Furthermore, the doctor found out she was suffering from low-grade glioma which is a form of tumour. The doctor leveraged intra-operative tumour fluorescence flow software to operate on the brain. 

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